Creating a plan for your money can help reduce financial stress. Join Washington State Employees Credit Union’s Josh Bergman as he helps students change their mind about managing money.

Bergman loves to change people’s minds about money by taking a dull, boring topic and instilling life and direction into it. Trained as a financial coach, Bergman has honed his skills to connect and problem solve with individuals. Having presented to thousands of people at numerous conferences and conventions, he believes in the power of getting people to think differently about money. If people know better, then he believes they will do better.

Topics include

-Money Management Tips
-Crucial Conversations
-Budget Busters
-Getting Started
-Tracking Your Finances
-Action Items
-Avoiding Financial Crisis
-Being Financially Savvy
-Getting Your Credit Reports for Free

Presentation will be held November 29 at 1:30 p.m. in the HUB.

For more information contact Lynn Hennessey at 509.834.4512 /