Want to get more involved on campus?

 Joining the student government is a great way to do so! ASYVC gives students the opportunity to plan events for students, write blogs for our YAK blog, and get a say when it comes to conversations about how we can make YVC equitable for all students. 

ASYVC is made up of Grandview Campus and Yakima Campus student councils that work together to form the joint Associated Students of Yakima Valley College (ASYVC). Joining ASYVC is a great opportunity to meet new people, participate in conversations about Yakima Valley College, and plan fun events!

 A note from our current Grandview Campus President: I strongly encourage you to apply! I was nervous at first but throughout my time in this position, I have learned a lot not only about student government but also about YVC. This gave me an opportunity to dive deeper and be a part of developing conversations. But my favorite part has been forming lasting relationships, the people you work with and the people you meet are a great support and I am proud to say I’ve made some great friends in student government. Apply!

A couple of words from our current PR and Marketing officer: Do it! I was super hesitant and nervous about applying, especially since I felt like I didn’t know enough and wasn’t super involved beforehand. But I am so glad I applied! Being a part of ASYVC gave me so much more than something to do in my spare time. It gave me new friendships, and a voice to advocate for other students, and made my time here much more enjoyable! Plus, you get paid while doing the work. There is something truly for everyone in ASYVC.  So go apply right now! But I mean Now!

Want to learn more or have questions? 

Student Life Managers or current YVC Student Government members, we will be hosting an informational meeting on April 13th from 1 – 2:00 p.m. This meeting will be both on zoom and in-person, feel free to attend whichever meeting works best for you! Join us on Wednesday! Online or in-person on both campuses.

If this sounds like the little something you are looking for, apply at the link below! 

Apply Now to be a Student Leader!