Voter Registration Day

Although many know what government is and who is a part of it, some forget that they play an active role in government. The most important role being voting. Voting is a common process that allows for input on decisions and acts as an official representation of your opinions. Examples include voting on the celebrity of the year, song of the year, and who makes the best chicken sandwich! Although people resonate more with these themes of voting, voting in government gives you the ability to influence decision-making, especially on laws and government officials.

Every two years we vote in our congressional districts for the best candidate to represent us in Washington D.C., this process is commonly called the Midterm Elections Elections. The popularly known voting cycle is the Presidential Elections which occur every four years and results in the election of the President and Vice President of the United States. In recent years, voting in these election cycles has become increasingly popular among younger generations such as Millennials, going towards an upwards streak of almost half since 2016, with older generations still maintaining well above a fifty percent average.

With many opportunities to vote in government coming up, what better day to start getting involved? Voter Registration Day!

This day is dedicated to registering to vote as a citizen of the United States, and engaging yourself in an active role of being a citizen. To begin registering to vote, visit the voter registration site that can be easily accessed through the internet. Or you have the ability to receive a mailed version of the voter registration forms, or by finding an accessible location that is holding a voter registration drive. The best way to learn more up-to-date and accurate information about the process is by visiting the USA Government Website.

There is also the ability to register to vote while youth are ages 16 and 17 in Washington State through the Future Voter Program. This allows youth to preregister to vote before they are 18, when they reach the age of 18, they will be sent their voter registration card and other information, making the process faster and easier for the future.

With all of the available resources, registering to vote proves to be an important process for all citizens of the United States. One of the ways to get civically engaged…is to register to vote!

Lily Villa, Grandview Student Council President