Procedures, Policies, and Services

Resources of YVC are expected to be used in a responsible and respectful manner and returned when due. It is against the law to willfully retain any book or other property belonging to YVC for thirty days after written notice is given that the item is overdue. (RCW 27.12.340)

A security gate is used to ensure proper checkout of library materials. If an alarm sounds individuals must show the contents of bags, briefcases, etc., to an employee. Individuals leaving the building with material that is not properly charged to their account will be referred to the appropriate campus authority for possible disciplinary action and/or probation. The system utilizes a low level magnetic field which does not affect computer disks. If preferred, disks may be handed to an employee to pass around the security system.

Theft or mutilation of library material is a crime. (RCW 27.12.330) The maximum sentence is 90 days in jail or $1,000 or both. (RCW 9A.2.021)

YVC resources must be used in accordance with the Electronic Communication Policy approved by the YVC Board of Trustees, and the following YVC Administrative Procedures:

The service area of Yakima Valley College is College District 16 consisting of Yakima, Kittitas, and Klickitat counties. Those who may borrow materials are:

  • Currently enrolled full-time or part-time students of YVC listed in the library’s patron database with an expiration date of the end of the current academic quarter. Gold Card patrons are students.
  • Full-time, part-time, or part-time hourly faculty or staff employed by District 16 and identified by an account in the library’s patron database with a current year December 31 expiration date. Faculty Emeritus are considered District 16 employees whose accounts never expire. For the purposes of the definition of library borrowers, student workers are not District 16 employees.
  • Students currently enrolled at other colleges.
  • Community residents of District 16.

All individuals must present a photo ID before they may borrow the library or media center materials. Photo ID is also required before the library’s patron database will be used to verify current enrollment or borrower status.

See Borrowing Materials for loan periods and policies for various library and media center resources and borrowers.  See Overdue or Lost Material/Fines and Fees below.

University of Washington Libraries extends free borrowing privileges to current faculty of the state’s community and technical colleges.

Cell phones must be turned to silent mode upon entering the library or media center. Phone conversations may be held in the library as long as voices are kept low. Callers with loud voices will be asked to take their calls out to the entry way or hall. No cell phone conversations are allowed in the Quiet Study Area. Calls near the Quiet Study Area are discouraged.

Individuals using the library and media center, students as well as non-students, will adhere to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 132P-33 : Student rights and responsibilities and all Library & Media Services procedures and guidelines.

See YVC Library Collections for information about the types of materials provided by Library & Media Services.

Individuals not currently affiliated with YVC may use the study areas in Raymond Library (including the large study room on the second floor, but not the individual study rooms also located on the second floor) and public wireless, when available. They may also use the designated public computer for up to 60 minutes per day.

Residents of Yakima, Kittitas, and Klickitat counties at least 14 years of age may borrow materials from the library (but not the media center) and must establish a library account to do so. Such individuals must provide photo identification and written proof of current residency in one of the three counties, such as a driver’s license. Individuals must also allow a member of the library staff to use their Social Security Number to verify whether they were ever a student or employee at any Washington State community or technical college. Staff may deny library accounts to individuals who are unable or unwilling to provide this information.

See Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 42.56.310 : Library records, part of Chapter 42.56 RCW : Public Records Act. All library records are confidential and no record is kept of items borrowed once they are returned unless there are fines or fees charged against the item.

Current YVC eLearning students and faculty have online access to most of the library’s databases and other electronic resources. Most of these resources are searchable. Librarians are also available to provide research assistance; see Ask A Librarian.

eLearning students and faculty may check out books in person with a valid YVC ID number and photo ID. If they do not live near the Yakima or Grandview campuses or do not attend or teach classes at either campus, they may ask to have books mailed to them. It is their responsibility to mail the items back to the library on the Yakima campus or take them to the Grandview campus prior to the due date. Use the Interlibrary Loan forms to request the mailing of books.

Most community colleges in Washington State extend borrowing privileges to YVC students and staff. If you reside in Washington, you can find your nearest library through the Washington State Library. If you live outside Washington, your public library or local community college library may be able to assist you in obtaining material in your area. We are happy to help you make this connection.

FOR STUDENTS:  The library has headphones that students may borrow as well as computers, printers, copy machines, and a scanner/fax machine. Scientific and graphing calculators can be checked out by those in math classes. Get the required form from your math instructor or the math center. Students may also borrow laptop computers in the media center and the Grandview Library. See Student Laptops for more information.

FOR EMPLOYEES:  Computers, audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other equipment to help with instruction may be borrowed from the media center on a short-term basis. The equipment may be used on or off-campus for academic purposes only.  Contact the media center at 509.574.4982 or at for more information.

No food is permitted in Raymond Library, the Media Center, the second floor study area, or the study rooms. Food may be eaten with care in the building entryway, the second floor landing and hallway, and in the Tutoring Center.

Drinks in spill-proof containers are permitted. Examples are posted in the entryways.  Please respect this privilege and LEAVE NO TRACE.

Food not completely enclosed in a backpack and drink containers that do not meet requirements may be left on the tables provided in the entryway and on the second floor landing.

Information competent people know how information is organized, how to find it, and how to use it effectively. They know how to learn. Librarians are available to work with faculty to incorporate information literacy concepts into their classes. The librarians also offer library tours and classroom instruction in the use of library databases and other resources and services provided to students and employees by the library. More in-depth, one-on-one consultations and follow-ups to previous library instruction sessions are available by appointment with a librarian. Contact the librarians by calling 509.574.4991 option 2 or by emailing them at See Information Literacy for more information.

Books or articles not available at YVC’s library or through its electronic resources may be requested from other libraries by currently enrolled students and current employees through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. Other libraries normally will not loan DVDs or dissertations. ILL requests for current textbooks will not be accepted.

Individuals not affiliated with YVC should use the ILL service provided by their college or public library.

The media center laminates items solely for YVC departments, YVC activities, and YVC classroom presentations or instruction. The media center will not laminate anything not directly related to YVC or for members of the public. Public laminating services are available at various printing, office supply, and mailing services in the city.

Laminating projects are laminated in the condition brought in to the media center. The media center employees do not glue, tape, staple, organize, cut or otherwise prepare a project for laminating. Projects must arrive ready to go through the rollers of the laminating machines. To ensure a project is correctly laminated, individual pieces must be securely attached. Media center employees can provide further instructions and clarification. Please ask for their assistance.

In affirming the library as a forum for information and ideas, Yakima Valley College Library & Media Services endorses the following statements of the American Library Association (ALA):

Requests for reconsideration of materials owned by the Library/Media Center will be carefully deliberated. The final disposition of an item will be based on adherence to the criteria outlined in the Materials Selection section of the Library Policy Manual, reviews appearing in professional journals, and relationship to YVC curriculum.

Material Reconsideration Guidelines

Requests for reconsideration of materials owned by the Library/Media Center must be submitted in person in Raymond. They will be carefully deliberated. The final disposition of an item will be based on adherence to the criteria outlined in the “Materials Selection” section of the Raymond Library and Media Center Guideline and Procedure, reviews appearing in professional journals, and relationship to YVC curriculum.

  1. The patron initiating the request for reconsideration will be asked to complete (or give information which can be used to complete) the Initial Complaint Information form. A designated Library/Media employee must sign the form and give it to the Library/Media Director.
  2. Upon receipt of the form, the Library/Media Director will send the individual a copy of the Collection Development Guidelines, the Library Mission Statement, and the Statement of Concern about Library/Media Center Resources form.
  3. If the form is returned, the Director will ask the Reference Librarians (or Media Center employee if it is visual material) and members of the Library Advisory Committee to meet and review the concern. If appropriate, a faculty member from the appropriate discipline (or, if known, the faculty member who requested the item) may also serve on the committee.
  4. The committee will prepare a written recommendation for the Library/Media Director. The Director will forward the recommendation to the Academic
  5. Vice President of Instruction and Student Services or his/her designee and send a copy to the individual initiating the action.
  6. An individual unsatisfied with the response of the Committee may request further reconsideration by the Library/Media Director.
  7. The Library/Media Director will review the response of the committee and the individual’s request for additional reconsideration of the materials.
  8. The Library/Media Director will prepare a written response and submit it to the Academic Vice President of Instruction and Student Services or his/her designee. At the same time, the written response will be mailed to the individual.
  9. An individual wishing for further reconsideration will submit their request to the Academic Vice President of Instruction and Student Services or his/her designee, who will review the materials and draft a new response or concur with the recommendation of the Library/Media Director. The individual and the Director will be sent a written copy of the recommendation.
  10. If an individual disagrees with the recommendations put forth in the above steps, the President of the college or his/her designee will be asked to review the documentation and prepare the final recommendation. The final recommendation shall be mailed to the individual. Copies will be given to the VP of Instruction and Student Services, and the Library/Media Director.

The media center provides instructional and office supplies to non-grant funded teaching faculty. A checklist of available items may be obtained from department administrators or in the media center. Supplies must be picked up in the media center; they will not be sent through interoffice mail.

“No person or persons shall be permitted inside the work counters or railings or barriers separating the administrative offices or work areas from the public and students without the express consent of the president or administrative officer in charge of said offices.”  WAC 132P-24-070

If an item is not returned when due, an overdue notice will be sent one day after the due date. If not returned, a replacement cost and processing fee will be assessed. Overdue fines may also be assessed.

Patrons who fail to return overdue items and/or pay lost item charges and late fees have an outstanding YVC debt. If not paid within thirty days of notice of the assessed fines and fees, the debt may be assigned to a collection agency for collection and additional costs will be added pursuant to RCW 19.16.600.

Until the material is returned and/or the debt paid in full, library services will be suspended and borrowing of additional materials prohibited.

In addition, STUDENTS will lose access to:

  • Grades
  • Transcripts
  • Registration for classes at YVC
  • Off-campus use of online databases and other electronic resources (e.g., ProQuest, EBSCO, eBooks)

EMPLOYEES who fail to return resources and/or pay the replacement charge(s) have an outstanding YVC debt. Until the material has been returned or the replacement charge(s) have been paid in full, library/media services will be suspended. In addition, retirement or resignation paperwork may be delayed.

Full payment by cash, check, or credit card may be made at the YVC Cashier’s Office, located in Building 8 (Deccio). Payment may also be made by mail to YVC Cashier, Yakima Valley College, P.O. Box 22520, Yakima, WA 98907-2520.

The cashier’s office hours are 9:30 am- 3:00 pm Monday through Friday during the regular academic year. Summer hours will vary, so contact the cashier for specific times at 509.574.4660 or Payment may also be made at the Grandview Campus during regular business hours.

Please bring your YVC ID number. If you were issued a number that begins with “Guest,” a copy of your fine/fee letter containing the debt amount must be taken to the cashier’s office. A printed copy of the debt amount may also be obtained at the library circulation desk.

Librarians are available to provide help with accessing information, using electronic resources, and locating materials for course work and research. They will work with students and faculty on a walk-in basis, or individual appointments can be made by calling 509.574.4991 option 2 or by emailing Librarians are also available 24/7 via chat at Ask A Librarian.

YVC Library and Media Center has five study rooms located on the second floor of Raymond Hall. Each is equipped with a computer with the Microsoft Office suite and connected to the internet, a large screen TV connected to the computer, a DVD/VHS player and capable of receiving streaming media from the Media Center, a conference table, and a whiteboard. The rooms are only available to YVC students and employees with photo ID.

Study rooms may not be reserved. Rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. Study rooms are closed during summer quarter.

Room use preference is given to groups. Individuals may be allowed to use a room with the understanding that if the room is needed by a group, the individual must defer their individual use to the group. In so far as possible, rooms are assigned based on the number of individuals in the group.

Three of the study rooms can accommodate up to six individuals and two can accommodate up to eight individuals. Only the number of individuals the rooms were designed to accommodate may be in a room at any given time.

The room key and whiteboard markers are borrowed in the Media Center. Borrowers must show photo identification and know their YVC number.  Each individual using the room will be required to write his or her YVC number and sign the Room-Use Agreement prior to using the room.

No food is permitted in study rooms.  Eating in study rooms is considered a violation of the Room-Use Agreement.

Rooms are checked during their use and inspected after each use.  Violation of room-use rules stated in the Room-Use Agreement and posted in the Media Center and in each room may result in removal and loss of study room use privileges for at least the current quarter for everyone in the room.

If YVC instructors make an assignment that requires the entire class to use the study rooms at the same time, there may not be enough available rooms.  YVC faculty are encouraged to give assignments that require the use of the study rooms, such as viewing films, by requiring students to view the film at their convenience prior to a specific date.  Films may also be viewed on campus computers and mobile devices when connected to the campus wireless network. To view a file, ask a reference librarian for assistance or call the media center at 509.574.4982 with the call number of the film.

The use of tobacco products is prohibited at Yakima Valley College except in designated outdoor areas. No use of tobacco products is permitted in any college facility or college vehicle. See the Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy approved by the YVC Board of Trustees.

STUDENTS can watch DVDs on the Yakima or Grandview campus on any computer connected to the campus network, including personal laptops. Contact a librarian or the media center for details. Students may not check out DVDs. Students do have access to streaming videos.

EMPLOYEES may check out DVDs for three days. An extension may be requested at the time of checkout. Most DVDs in YVC’s collection can be shown in classrooms or be made available for student viewing through the library’s Media Server. To arrange this, contact the Media Center at least one day in advance. Purchase recommendations or requests may be given to the media center. The library also subscribes to an extensive collection of streaming videos. Contact a librarian for more information about these services.

See the policy approved by the YVC Board of Trustees concerning Fair Use of Copyrighted Works for Education and Research.