Library Computers and Printing

Curbside Pick-up Printing

YVC’s Yakima and Grandview campuses are now offering free black and white printing with curbside pick-up. Do you need to have copies made for your winter quarter classes? YVC’s new service allows for a 24-hour turn-around. Visit YVC Library Printing to access request forms and schedule pick-up times. If you are unable to provide 24-hours notice please email the appropriate library to confirm the pickup time requested on the form.

Most student services are currently being offered through online, email, or telephone options.

Limited in-person student services are being offered Fall Quarter 2021.

Campuses are closed to the public until further notice.

No Services during holidays or college breaks.

Raymond Library provides computers and printing for use by students and employees. Limited use is also available for the public.


Raymond Library has 77 computers for student use:

  • 42 computers at round tables in the center of the first floor.
  • 4 computers on ADA desks that can be used for wheelchair access or as stand-up computer desks.
  • 12 computers in individual study carrels along the east wall.
  • 14 computers in individual study carrels in the northeast corner.
  • 5 computers in the large study area on the second floor.


The following software is installed on each library computer:

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2016: Access, Excel, InfoPath, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word
  • Radiology Modules (accessible by Radiology students only)
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser


  • There are 4 black & white printers and 1 color printer on the first floor of Raymond Library and 1 black & white printer next to the computers in the second floor study area.
  • All printers print on 8.5 x 11 paper and do double-sided printing.
  • Staplers, a staple remover, and a 3-hole punch are located next to the first floor printers.
  • The library also provides a black & white photocopier and a color photocopier as well as a scanner/fax machine. Scans are $.05 per scan (with a $.10 minimum per scan job). Faxes are $1.00 per page with no charge for the cover page.


Yakima Valley College and the State of Washington are working to reduce waste, reduce electricity, reduce paper consumption, and provide cost savings to increase student and faculty/staff efficiency. Starting Spring Quarter YVC will begin using a print management system, Papercut. Papercut will provide the college with stats regarding student printing that include tree consumption, C02 produced, and electricity consumption stats. The system will limit student printing to 500 sheets to per quarter, but additional copies are available for a small fee.

  1. All student printers will have a per page cost.
    • 1 side = 1 page
    • Duplex = 2 pages
  2. Students will be allocated 500 free Black & White pages per quarter. After each quarter, free page allocation will be reset to 500. The balance remaining from the previous quarter will not roll into the following quarter.
  3. After 500 pages have been exhausted, students will be required to pay per page using their YVC card, see below on how to add funds to your card. Students can add money to their YVC card online.

Student Prices

  • Black & White:  First 500 pages free – $0.01 after
  • Color: $0.50 per page

Cost of printing is subject to change with notification of minimum 30 days. For more information please contact the Technology Services Helpdesk at 509.574.4717 /

Proctored Testing

The Library does not proctor tests. If you require a test proctor or an access code for a test in Canvas, go the Computer Lab/Student Testing Center in Deccio 208 and 230 (Building 8).

Public Access

There is one stand-up computer available for use by community members. Please limit use to 60 minutes per day. Printing is available at $.15 per page for black & white, $1.00 for color. Save documents on a USB drive and bring the drive to the library’s desk to have the documents printed and to pay for them. Cash is required. Photocopiers and the scanner/fax machine may also be used by community members with cash.

Student Laptops

Laptops are available in the Media Center and Grandview Library and may only be borrowed by currently enrolled YVC students with photo ID. Students borrowing from the Grandview Library must fill out the “Library Card Application,” have proof of address, and have their YVC ID card. Laptops have Wi-Fi and Microsoft Office software appropriate for YVC class work.

The following procedures and guidelines apply:

  • Students are required to follow the Electronic Communication Policy and Student Code of Conduct.
  • Student laptops are loaned only to currently enrolled YVC students. The laptops may only be used by the borrowing student. The laptops may not be used by other family members, friends or other students.
  • A student laptop consists of a computer, AC adapter, power cord, and case. A stylus is optional.
  • Laptops will be loaned for seven (7) calendar days and may not be renewed, but a second different laptop may be borrowed upon return of the first, if one is available.
  • Laptops will not be placed “on hold” or reserved, but will be loaned on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The student borrowing a laptop assumes all responsibility for returning it to the place where it was borrowed, the Media Center or Grandview Library, at least 30 minutes before closing time on or before the due date. Laptops borrowed from Grandview Library may not be returned to the Media Center and vice versa.
  • Laptops returned late will be assessed a late fine of $25.00 per day that the Media Center is open, up to the replacement value of the laptop, plus a $5.00 processing fee. Late fines begin on the day after the laptop is due.
  • If a laptop is not returned, lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, the student is responsible for paying the replacement value, currently set at $700.00, plus a non-refundable $5.00 processing fee. Damage charges and charges for missing components will also be assessed. Those assessments depend on the type and extent of the damage and which parts are missing when it is returned. The student is responsible for filing any police reports or personal insurance claims and for providing copies to the Media Center or Grandview Library, as appropriate. Filing a police report or insurance claim does not absolve the student of the debt.
  • Unpaid fines and fees may be sent to a collection agency pursuant to RCW 19.16.500.
  • No additional programs or software will be installed by the Media Center or Grandview Library staff and no additional programs or software may be installed by the borrower.
  • Using the laptop inappropriately or illegally, loaning it to anyone else, downloading or installing programs or software, and/or altering the configuration of the laptop in any way may result in the loss of laptop borrowing privileges and/or disciplinary action by the college.
  • Laptop borrowing may be denied to those who abuse laptops or repeatedly return them late.
  • Laptops are intended for academic purposes and must not be used in violation of the law or Yakima Valley College policies.
  • Students are required to sign a Borrowing Agreement agreeing to borrowing responsibilities.

For further information ask the YVC Media Center staff in person or by phone at 509.574.4982, or the Grandview Library staff in person or by phone at 509.882.7034.