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Borrowing at the Raymond Library and Media Center

Individuals borrowing materials from Raymond Library or the Media Center must have a library account and show photo identification.  If the photo identification is not a YVC issued student/employee card, the individual must also  know their YVC number.

Establishing a Library account at Raymond Library

YVC employees and currently enrolled students automatically have a library account. The YVC ID card is the YVC library card.

Students currently enrolled at other Washington state colleges and universities may establish a library account by providing photo identification, evidence of current address, a current email address, and proof of enrollment. They must also allow a member of the library staff to use their Social Security Number to verify whether they have ever been a student at any Washington State community or technical college.

Individuals who are not current YVC employees or students may establish a community member account. To do so, individuals must provide written proof of current residency in one of the three counties served by YVC (Kittitas, Yakima, or Klickitat), photo identification, and allow a member of the library staff to use their Social Security Number to verify whether they have ever been a student at any Washington State community or technical college. Staff may deny library accounts to individuals who are unable to provide this information.

Loss of privileges

The Director of Library and Media Services also reserves the right to require a student violating the Student Code of Conduct (WAC 132P-33) to discuss the incident with the Dean of Students prior to reinstating library privileges.

Loan periods

Materials may be borrowed from the Raymond Library, excluding the reference collection and periodicals. The Raymond Library loans materials according to the following general guidelines*

Type of borrower # of Item Checkout Period
YVC students 10 2 weeks
Special program students 1-2 1 week
Enrolled at other Washington State Colleges/Universities 5 2 weeks
Community residents 5 2 weeks
YVC employees 20 4 weeks

*Some special collection items may have different loan periods.

Grandview students

Students on the Grandview campus needing materials from Raymond Library may request them at the Grandview library front desk.

Media Center

Most materials housed in the Media Center are only loaned to YVC employees. DVD’s and video tapes for specific courses and some E-learning courses may be loaned to students upon proof of class enrollment. Loan periods vary, check with the Media Center staff.  Listening/viewing small study rooms are available only for YVC students and/or employees.  The Media Center collection and equipment is located on the second floor of Raymond Hall. Media Center DVD’s and videos may be viewed on any networked computers on either the Yakima or Grandview campus, including the computers located in Raymond Library (first floor of Raymond Hall) and the Grandview Library. Headphones must be used in Raymond Library and can be borrowed at the circulation desk.

All equipment in the Media Center is for college related activities and will only be loaned to YVC employees upon verbal confirmation that the items are for college business. Most equipment is loaned for seven (7) days.  At the sole discretion of the Media Center, under special circumstances longer loan periods may be possible. Borrowing guidelines and procedures are available in the Media Center.

Grandview students

Videos and DVD’s are available for Grandview students and employees to watch on any networked computer on the Grandview campus, including the Grandview Library.  Contact the Media Center ( 509.574.4982) for additional information. Arrangement for media materials to be sent from the Yakima campus to the Grandview campus must be made through the course instructor.

Material Renewal

Material (excluding reserve materials, student laptops, and other student equipment) which has not been requested by another individual may be renewed for one (1) additional loan period, provided that the renewal is done prior to the due date. Renewals of library materials or media center materials may be done in person (without the materials), via telephone, or by logging into your library account online by going to Find It! and clicking on Guest in the upper right corner. After the due date, materials must be brought in person to the Library or Media Center to be renewed. Materials not renewed or returned on time may be subject to fees.

Borrowing at the Grandview Library

Card Requirements

Patrons residing within Grandview city limits will receive a library card at no charge while those outside will pay $18.00 for one primary user card per household each year with secondary cards (spouse, children, etc.) issued at no extra charge. There is no charge for YVC students (including Running Start students)/faculty/staff or City of Grandview staff.

  • A signed application must be on file for all library patrons. Students must come into library to request a Grandview Library Card
  • Prospective public patrons must show current ID.
  • An email address, while not required, is requested. It is the responsibility of the patron to insure the library has up-to-date contact information, email, etc.
  • All patrons will be issued a Grandview Library patron number and must provide a password/pin number in order to use the library’s electronic services.
  • There is a $2.00 fee to replace a lost or damaged library card.

If the applicant cannot legally enter into a contract whether by age or disability, a financially responsible adult (parent/guardian) will be required to sign the application and meet the same requirements as the applicant.

YVC Library Cards

In addition to the general requirements, YVC Students/faculty/staff must provide proof of current quarter enrollment or employment.

A YVC card expiration date is based on the location of the cardholder’s residence: users living outside Grandview city limits, the expiration date is the last day of the current quarter; inside the city limits, the expiration date is the first day of the following quarter.

YVC students not yet registered for Fall quarter classes but who attended Spring quarter classes may use his/her card by paying $4.50 for the Summer quarter.


Prospective patrons must show a current Washington state driver’s license, state ID card or other state or federally issued photo identification and proof of current residence and provide a currently valid telephone number.

Running Start Students

Parental consent is waived for high school students who are in YVC’s Running Start Program.

Laptop Computers

Any YVC student having a current ID card with Grandview Library privileges may borrow a laptop computer. The number of available computers is limited, so they are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis and have a 7-day checkout.

Contact the Grandview Library at 509.882.7034.