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​YVC’s Community Relations staff is available to assist in promoting college departments and events. We offer a variety of services including public relations, media relations, graphic design, photography, event promotion and more.


For maximum results, please submit this form 4-6 weeks in advance. This allows for consultation, design work, production and distribution. Any request with a shorter turnaround time cannot be guaranteed. Special projects such as large scale events, ad campaigns, products or services from an off-campus vendor may require more lead time.


There is no fee for Community Relations services, however, there may be costs associated with your request (printing for example). Community Relations works closely with YVC’s Print Shop and off-campus vendors to provide quotes when requested. However, it is the responsibility of the department to provide budget information and place the order once the artwork has been approved.


All print projects that will be distributed to students or the community must be approved by Community Relations. We will review for consistent logo usage and federal or state-required statements. If you choose to develop your own materials you must email a proof to prior to submitting a print shop job ticket. Please reference the Brand Identity Manual for design standards.​

Faculty and staff can order YVC products and upload files for custom print jobs through the Print Shop’s online ordering system.

How to Request a Calendar Announcement using 25Live

  1. Calendar items display at
  2. Go to the 25Live Pro
  3. Click the “Sign In” link at the top of the page
  4. Enter your network username and password. (Your network user name is the first part of your email address, jdoe if your email address is If you do not have a user account, contact Campus Security at 509.574.4610 for assistance.
  5. Click the “Event Form” link at the top of the page
  6. The “Event Form” will open
  7. Enter “Event Name” and “Event Title”. The Event Name will appear on the public calendar.
  8. Under “Event Type” select Calendar Announcement unless there is a more appropriate category to list
  9.  In the “Sponsoring Department” field select which department is sponsoring the event/activity
  10. Enter the event “Head Count”
  11. In the “Description of Event for External Web Calendar” box, enter the description that you want to appear on the public calendar. Note: Community Relations may change this description and information.
  12. In the “Date and Time,” fields enter the Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time. If additional pre-event time is needed for, setup or takedown be sure to enter that in the pre-event and post-event areas. These times will not display on the public calendar.
  13.  If the event/activity will repeat click the “Repeating Pattern” button. Select as many reoccurring dates as needed.
  14. By clicking the “View All Occurrences” button you can verify the dates/times selected and make adjustments to the individual times.
  15.  In the “Location” area search and select the appropriate campus location. You can either look at saved search locations or type in a specific space.
  16. In the “Resources” area search and select resources if necessary. Resources are things like technical assistance, security, etc. You can either look at the save searches or type in a specific resource.
  17. In the “Publish to Calendar” box select the appropriate calendar.
  18. Add any comments
  19. Click Save
  20.  A notice will be sent to the Calendar Administrator to approve the information and publish it on the website calendar.

Types of requests we currently support

Design Projects may include the development of materials such as brochures, rack cards, or banners to promote a degree or program not related to an event.

Event Promotion includes promoting events or activities. Use the Event Calendar instructions above to add your event to the college event calendar using 25Live Pro. Once approved, it will display on the external college calendar. For more assistance promoting your event, use the Community Relations Request Form below.