2020 Recommendations & Commendations

In January 2020, Yakima Valley College received three (3) commendations and three (3) recommendations from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

The commendations include:

Commendation #1 – “The evaluation committee commends college faculty, staff, and administration for their commitment to making student access and success a central aspect of the college culture. The college recognizes the importance of supporting all students, including the unique needs of underprepared, first-generation, and traditionally unrepresented students.”

Commendation #2 – “The evaluation committee commends the college on its growing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through its faculty training, with particular emphasis on the ESCALA program and diversity education series, as well as to students through the implementation of its Diversity Welcome Center.”

Commendation #3 – “The evaluation committee commends the college for its exceptional upkeep of facilities and the care of its grounds. The clean, well-maintained campuses exude a welcome feeling while creating an atmosphere suitable for student success.”

During the 2022 mid-cycle visit conducted by NWCCU, the recommendations listed below were deemed fulfilled based on evidence that YVC had addressed the recommendations satisfactorily. At this time, YVC does not have any outstanding recommendations.

Recommendation #1 – The evaluation committee recommends the college engage in an effective, data-informed system of evaluation of all programs and services, using the results to inform planning and improvement.” Fulfilled.

Recommendation #2 – “The evaluation committee recommends the college fully implement degree and program-level student learning outcomes assessment across all degrees and programs, including general education. Assessment results should be used to inform academic and learning support planning and practices that lead to enhancement of student learning achievement.” Fulfilled.

Recommendation #3 – “The evaluation committee recommends that the college ensure sufficient staffing exists in all areas of the college, and that appropriate professional development opportunities are provided for faculty and staff.” Fulfilled.