Assessment at Yakima Valley College

At Yakima Valley College, assessments are conducted at various levels. Faculty and staff use assessment results to improve educational programs. Assessment results are also used to improve student services. The results for academic programs and for student services are documented in reports. These assessments are included in the college’s Strategic Plan.

Levels of Assessment

Institution Level

  • Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) supplies evidence of student learning in critical thinking and written communication.
  • Campus Climate Assessment is used to check the campus environment related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The results are used to inform equity initiatives, and to improve learning and achievement for all students.
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)are used to check students’ learning in three areas. These areas are Communication, Analytical Reasoning, and Human Relations. The institution evaluates ILOs within all associate and bachelor level programs. ILOs are also evaluated within the General Education curriculum (AA-DTA).

Program Level

  • Academic Program Review is used to check the quality of the degrees YVC offers.
  • Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are published in the catalog. They are used to check students’ learning within a program.
  • Student Services Review is used to check the quality of student services. (Under Construction)

 Course Level

  • Placement Assessment for writing and math is used to check skills to help students be successful in courses.
  • Get Credit for What You Know (ACPL), is used to grant college credit for knowledge already learned.
  • Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are listed on the course syllabus. Faculty use various assessment tools to check student learning.
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) is conducted through Canvas Courses. Students respond to questions. The responses are used to help faculty improve teaching strategies and course design.

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