ASYVC raises awareness for campus community

ASYVC Event Programmer Mariana Barrera and Lead Ambassador Guadalupe Torres-Ocampo interviewed YVC’s own American Sign Language (ASL) and Disabilities Support Services (DSS) Coordinator Jennifer Hopper. [Hopper’s] connection with students is strong, she not only helps them navigate campus resources but she truly understands what the students with disabilities go through. Hopper herself has had a hearing impairment since birth this has allowed her to connect with her students on a deeper level.

We asked her multiple questions about her work and the relationship she holds with her students and in doing so we realized that Hopper is a hero in disguise. She spoke out about how being a mediator between student and professors was a difficult task but in the end she really enjoyed the work she does. With the time Hopper spends with the students she enjoys watching them grow and choose their future paths. Seeing their growth reminds her everyday about how grateful she is for the opportunity to work as the ASL and DSS Coordinator.

According to Hopper, this amazing job unexpectedly fell on her lap, with a friend that worked here before her, recommended that she would be perfect for this position. Its been five years since she took this position and still loves it. She also strives to make sure that everyone is comfortable and successful both mentally and academically. Her job is challenging but with the progress she’s seen within the student she states “it is all worth it.”

Growing up impaired Hopper often felt left out, and shares that multiple people would just leave her out conversations even though they knew that she could read lips. Hopper also struggled during COVID being able to communicate with others wearing masks. Hopper wants others to remember her favorite motto, “invest in you because I would invest in you.”

Watch a conversation with YVC’s Samuel Faulk


Post authored by ASYVC Lead Student Ambassador Guadalupe Torres-Ocampo