Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 12:30-1:30 PM and 3:30-4:30 PM .  Click on the time for the link to join the game!

Stress can accumulate, especially during these times, and it is important to manage all that stress before it builds up too much. Luckily, for you students, ASYVC has an answer. Games! All games!

We are talking from video games to board games, card games to puzzle games, and word games to physical games! Every type of game! Making time to just relax and play a game can help decrease stress and is important for stress management.

In an article written by Elizabeth Scott for, there was a study that mentioned how cooperative and competitive video games help reduce stress. The article stated, “One study examined players as they played either competitive or cooperative games. As predicted, there was a difference in stress levels after playing, and those who played cooperatively experienced a greater decrease in stress levels, but the difference was slight—both groups experienced decreases in stress by playing the game.”

Certain games also give those in this time who may long to connect with those they no longer can a chance to connect again. Certain video games allow people to play with others through the internet and can be a form of recreation with friends that are missing from many people’s lives at this current moment.

Board games and card games can be a great family experience. Family bonding time is important and there is more of an opportunity for that now. Puzzle games can be good for the mind. Mental exercise can be fun and rewarding in its own unique way. Physical games can be great for the body and can be a good workout as well as a good time to spend with those at home. Physical games can also allow for a bit of friendly competition to push people to new physical heights for themselves. Games and playing games are overall beneficial.

All that you, the student body, needs to do is find the right type of game for you based on what you may want to get out of it. Look at what your life may be missing now, whether it may be a social activity, family bonding time, a good mental challenge, or physical work out. Next, do the research. Look at different video games you may want to play or that your friends may be playing. Look up different types of card games to play. See all the different puzzle games that you may want to solve. Find the perfect physical type game for you and a family member to do that is fun and gets a good sweat going. In the end, chose what you will find the most fun as this is your recreational time to use as you wish to.

Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 12:30-1:30 PM and 3:30-4:30 PM.  Click on the time for the link to join the game!

Abraham Lopez
GSC President