Washington State is looking at ways to address the growing concern about food and housing insecurity for college students? The State Legislature passed into law a Second Substitute Senate Bill 5800. This Legislation established a program for Yakima Valley College to provide accommodations and support to students experiencing homelessness, food and housing insecurity and to assist those students who were in the foster care system when they graduated high school.

In 2019, 13,550 students from 28 Washington State Community and Technical Colleges responded to the #RealCollege survey. The results indicate:

  • 41% of respondents were food insecure in the prior 30 days
  • 51% of respondents were housing insecure in the previous year
  • 19% of respondents were homeless in the previous year

Why is this data important? With rising tuition costs, expensive textbooks, and inflation in the housing market, more students are finding it hard to support their basic needs through college. Sadly, for many it becomes impossible. Financial aid just is not enough. One-third of respondents from the #RealCollege survey reported they were both food and housing insecure in the past year.

Homelessness and housing insecurity can take on several forms for college students. Some students live in shelters, sleep in cars, and others couch surf or stay with friends and family. Other students worry about whether food will last or cannot afford to eat a balanced meal. If you are experiencing financial barriers to pursuing college, we want to hear from you. YVC staff is here to provide you with comprehensive support. Let us connect you to resources!

For more information about food or housing services: Contact housingservices@yvcc.edu.

What we can help with:

  • Rental assistance
  • Food cards for groceries
  • Access to emergency funding
  • Referrals to short-term/long term housing
  • Referrals to mental health services
  • Transportation support to include paid bus passes and gas cards
  • Access to showers, laundry and locker facilities for safe storage
  • Emergency supplies to include hygiene kits, school supplies, & bath towels
  • Laptops available on loan for emergencies
  • Help to apply for state benefits
  • Academic support and accommodations in the classroom