Parking Citation Process

If you have received a parking citation from Yakima Valley College, please review the following process so that you can avoid additional fees and/or interrupted privileges for college business.

Violation of Yakima Valley College’s parking and traffic regulations are subject to fines. We sincerely urge you to pay this fine promptly to prevent future delays of college services, revoked parking privileges, vehicle impoundment, or additional fees attached to your fine.

You must make contact with the Campus Security office within 14 calendar days from the date of the citation to either appeal or pay the fine. If you do not contact Campus Security within 14 calendar days you forfeit your right to appeal and the following process will be implemented.

A $25 dollar service fee will be added to your fine and payment of the total amount will be due within 7 calendar days.

Your citation may be forwarded to a collection agency for further action. All additional fines or costs to resolve this matter will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Appeals hearings are held on Wednesdays. If you choose to be present at the hearing bring your citation to the Security Office and make an appointment for the next hearing date.

If you choose to submit a letter in your defense bring your citation and letter to the Security Office to be recorded for submittal at the next hearing date. Results are posted in the Security Office Friday afternoon.

Payments may be made in person at the cashier counter located in the Deccio building, or mail your payment to the address listed above. Please make checks payable to Yakima Valley College. It is extremely important to mail a copy of your citation or include the citation number with your payment so that proper credit will be posted to your account. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. Click here for the Washington State Parking WAC codes.

Parking Fines

The following are the approved parking citation infractions and associated fines

Infraction Fine WAC
No Parking Permit Displayed $20.00 WAC-132P-116-180
Parking In Prohibited Area $40.00 WAC-132P-116-170
Blocking Traffic $40.00 WAC-132P-116-170
Occupying More Than One Stall $20.00 WAC-132P-116-140
Parking In Restricted Area $20.00 WAC-132P-116-130/140
Parking On Grass $40.00 WAC-132P-116-140
Enter/Exit Wrong Way $20.00 WAC-132P-116-140
Altered/Fraudulent Permit $100.00 WAC-132P-116-250
Disabled Parking Infraction  $250.00  
Immobilization $30.00