YVC provides support to formerly incarcerated individuals through new grant program

Yakima Valley College joins 12 other community and technical colleges and one four-year institution in a Washington state program that supports formerly incarcerated individuals who are interested in pursuing higher education. YVC will offer services including outreach, help selecting academic pathways, identifying financial resources, supporting retention and addressing basic needs. Individuals from any correctional institutions in Washington state who have been or will be released in Yakima County are eligible to participate in the new program.

“While incarcerated, students have the opportunity to earn higher education credits,” states YVC Re-entry Navigator Alexander Bazan. “After being released, if these students would like to transfer their credits and continue their educational journey at YVC we are able to help assist with the process.”

A large portion of the grant supports outreach to individuals prior to their release. Ultimately, Bazan said the goal is to provide supports that are essential to helping individuals successfully re-enter society and the workforce.

“Re-entering the workforce with a criminal background has its challenges, but with education and the supportive services offered through the Corrections Education grant, the chance of success becomes higher, creating an enhanced community for all,” states Bazan.

The new grant supports individuals from all 12 of the Department of Corrections prison facilities in Washington state.

Have you or someone you know been incarcerated in Washington state in the past and want to retrain for a new career? Contact Alexander Bazan at 509.834.4506.

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