Elizabeth John

Elizabeth John poses for Student Story picture with fall leaves in the background.

Associate in Science

Elizabeth John was born in the Yakima Valley. The daughter of immigrants from India, her childhood included a mixture of Indian and American influences. After spending much of her middle and high school years being homeschooled, she enrolled at Yakima Valley College through the Running Start program as a high school junior during the fall of 2019.

John enrolled in STEM courses and enjoyed the rigor that YVC’s program offered.

“YVC’s science courses gave me an incredible foundation in science and math along with a ton of [college] credit and it kept me busy while doing one of my favorite things ever – learning,” stated John.

The STEM program helped John develop skills for her future career goals.

“YVC’s science and math programs are no joke. They have really prepared me for the rigors of pre-med at a four-year university and continue to help me develop my skills to become a doctor in medical school. The science background YVC has provided me with will enable me with all the knowledge required to succeed when understanding the science and principles of medicine,” she continued.

She also gained additional knowledge by participating in the college’s STEM Club and Finish Strong program.

“I loved both. They really provided me with endless opportunities and scholarships and helped prepare me when applying for four-year universities — personal statements, scholarships, letters of recommendation and more,” she continued.

She graduated from YVC in 2021 and transferred to Baylor University.

“YVC has prepared me immaculately for Baylor’s science programs. I have a very strong science foundation from YVC and I am currently succeeding in all of my classes at Baylor, especially my science ones. I am able to attend the honors chemistry classes and I find honors science very simple because the science taught in YVC has just prepared me so well. I am extremely grateful to my YVC professors for the amazing preparation they have given me,” she continued.

John is exploring career options in gastroenterology but is still considering all of the specialties medicine has to offer. One day she hopes to open her own practice or work in a private practice. She also has a passion for teaching and envisions that helping educate a future generation of medical professionals is something she will strive to do.

John also encouraged other students interested in pursuing a career in STEM to avoid comparing themselves to others.

“Students let their comparisons with others determine their self-worth, and they also determine their self-worth through their grades. Not every doctor makes straight A’s, and you can still get into medical school,” John said. “It’s OK if there is someone better than you, because there always will be. The important thing is to work your hardest, do your best and push your limits. Being a doctor or a researcher or any other STEM career doesn’t only require decent grades, but it requires a passion for your future career and a motivation to achieve it.”

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