Anne Antanavage

Certificate of Achievement – Practical Nurse

“My mom is an RN,” says Anne Antanavage, a student in the first cohort of Yakima Valley College’s Practical Nurse Certificate program. “She’s really kind of my role model. She works the night shift in the ER. So when she came home in the morning, before I would go to school, she would tell me stories of what she encountered that night. And that always sparked my interest and I always knew I wanted to be a nurse from there on.”

Antanavage went on to share how YVC’s program is preparing her to enter the nursing profession.

“Nursing is definitely hands-on. It’s not a behind-the-desk [job], it’s not a referral over the phone, it is hands-on. So, being able to be in  [YVC’s facility] and do the sim lab, to do the clinicals — with all the hands-on experience [in YVC’s program] that we have now going through the first, second and third quarter it definitely helps because when you get to the hospital you feel like know what you are doing.”

Hear more from Anne about what she enjoys about nursing and why she chose YVC on the college’s YouTube Channel.

Yakima Valley College’s four-quarter, cohort-based program prepares students for the PN licensure exam (NCLEX-PN) and for transfer into an LPN to RN Nursing (ADN) program. Learn more about YVC’s Practical Nursing Certificate program.

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