How much does it cost to attend?2018-10-08T15:37:13-07:00

You can find the tuition and fees on the Financial Aid page along with how to apply for aid.

Who needs to apply?2018-08-03T00:34:20-07:00

You need to complete an application to YVC if:

  1. You have never been a student at YVC
  2. You haven’t attended YVC for a year or more (if you missed both Fall and Spring quarter.)
  3. You are attending are a high school student and wanting to take college classes.
  4. You are transferring from another college
  5. You are an international student
I received an email stating I was accepted as a student at YVC. Will I also receive an acceptance letter in the mail?2017-03-20T16:36:44-07:00

Yes. The day after you receive the email, an official Letter of Acceptance will be mailed to your address. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. The letter will also be accompanied by a checklist to help guide you through the entire enrollment process.

I applied online to YVC and have not heard anything back. How long should a decision take?2017-03-20T16:36:19-07:00

Students typically hear back a few days after submitting the application fee. If it has been longer than a week, check with admissions to verify your payment has been received.

I received a different placement from another school’s placement tests. Can I use that placement instead of the placement YVC recommends?2018-08-02T20:42:51-07:00

YVC will accept a placement from another Washington State Community or Technical College. Students that qualify for placement test reciprocity should complete the Placement Reciprocity Request Form. The form should be submitted to the Registration and Records Office once the official scores from the previous Washington State Community or Technical College have been received by YVC.

What does my residency status mean?2017-03-20T16:35:19-07:00

Resident – you are classified as a resident for tuition paying purposes.
Non-resident (Non-res) w/waiver – you are classified as a non-resident. A portion of the non-resident tuition has been waived and you will pay a reduced rate of the non-resident tuition (must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident).
Non-resident – you are classified as a non-resident and your tuition is the full non-resident rate.

Do I have to pay tuition if I have applied for a change in my residency status?2017-03-20T16:34:31-07:00

Yes. Check the Important Dates for tuition due dates. If your status has not been changed by the tuition due date, you are responsible for paying the full tuition amount. You may be eligible for a delayed payment. Contact the registrar at 509-574-4702.

How can I change my residency status?2018-08-02T20:44:05-07:00

• Submit the Residency Questionnaire and all required documentation to the Admissions Office in the Deccio building.
• You must apply to change residency status before the 30th calendar day of the quarter.
• Applications received after the 30th day will be considered for the following quarter.

How can I plan and prepare for college?2017-03-20T16:33:45-07:00

Click on this link to access Ready. Set. Grad.

I missed the deadline to apply for the upcoming quarter. Is there any way I can still take classes?2018-08-02T20:41:13-07:00

Yes. You can enroll in classes as a non-degree seeking student. You will be limited to enrolling in 11 or fewer credits and will not be eligible for financial aid.

I forgot my student identification number. Can I call to get it?2017-03-20T16:32:54-07:00

Yes. You will need to answer several questions correctly in order to establish your identity and then we can provide it to you.

What is my PIN?2017-03-20T16:32:54-07:00

Your PIN is a six digit personal identification number or password. At first, your PIN is your date of birth. If you were born in the months of January to September, your PIN is a MDDYY format. For example, if your date of birth was February 25, 1995, your PIN would be 22595. If you were born in the months October to December, your PIN would be in MMDDYY format. For example, if your date of birth was November 6, 1993, your PIN would be 110693.

Can you extend my tuition due date?2017-03-20T16:32:54-07:00

No. The Office of Registration & Records cannot extend any student’s tuition due date.

Can you tell me about my financial aid?2018-08-02T20:45:31-07:00

No. The Office of Registration & Records cannot provide any information about financial aid. We recommend you visit the financial aid portal for that information.

Can I pay my tuition online?2022-11-22T09:59:40-08:00

Yes. You can pay your tuition online and avoid waiting in the Cashier’s Office line.

Step 1:  Log into your ctcLink Student Homepage.

Step 2: Click on the Financial Account tile.

Step 3: Under the Payments tab located in the upper left-hand corner, you will click on the Make a Payment tab. This will redirect you to the payment page.

How to Make a Payment ctcLink Tutorial

How can I access the Student Portal?2018-02-13T23:23:39-08:00

You can access the Student Portal through the YVC website.

How can I find out my advisor’s name?2017-03-20T16:32:54-07:00

You will need to contact the registration desk at 509.574.4700

Can I register for a class and be on the waitlist for the same class but in a different section?2017-03-20T16:32:54-07:00

No. You can only be registered once for any class. If you are registered (or waitlisted) for multiple sections of the same class, you will be dropped from the most recently added section of that class.

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