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CTE Dual Credit

High school students have the opportunity to get a jump start on their career by preparing for a college technical degree program at their local high school. They can earn both high school and community/technical college credit (this is called Dual Credit) for completing select high school courses with a grade of “B” (3.0) or better.



Talk to your high school counselor to choose a Career Pathways program and enroll in CTE Dual Credit classes at your high school.


Register for CTE in SERS by May 1.


Earn a “B” or better grade in your CTE Dual Credit classes and pass the appropriate end of course industry exam to receive dual credit.

Tech Prep FAQs

Do I have to leave my high school campus to take the class?2017-06-13T23:50:11-07:00

No, you are actually receiving the college credit for what you are learning in your high school classroom.​

How much will it cost me to earn college credit through CTE Dual Credit?2019-01-16T00:05:21-08:00

There is absolutely no cost to you. College tuition is waived in the CTE Dual Credit Program.

I can’t remember which class and/or college I registered for. How can I see my registration?2019-01-16T19:20:19-08:00

You can login to SERS to see which classes you have registered for.

Do I have to enter my Social Security number or State Student ID number when I register for CTE Dual Credit classes?2019-01-16T00:07:56-08:00

No.  You do not need your Social Security number to register for CTE Dual Credit.

Why am I able to get college credit for my high school CTE Dual Credit classes?2019-01-16T00:08:51-08:00

The colleges can grant you college credit because your high school instructors and CTE directors work with the college instructors. Therefore, you are actually receiving college level instruction in your high school classroom.

Will the college credit I earned through CTE Dual Credit ever expire?2019-01-16T00:09:42-08:00

No. These credits will follow you for the rest of your life. If at any point in your life you wish to have these credits transferred to a college of your choosing, all you need to do is contact the college where you received credit and ask them to send a transcript.

What is the maximum amount of college credit I can earn through CTE Dual Credit?2019-01-16T00:10:56-08:00

There is no limit. The more college credit you earn while you are in high school, the more prepared you are to enter a technical program of your choice. Please keep in mind that excessive credit may negatively impact your eligibility for federal student aid. CTE Dual Credit participation is an optional student choice!  Talk with your high school counselor or the register at the college you plan on attending.

I can’t remember which class and/or college I registered for. How can I see my registration?2019-01-16T00:13:15-08:00

You can login to SERS to see which classes you have registered for.

Are there restrictions on when I can register for my CTE Dual Credit class?2019-01-16T00:11:36-08:00

Yes you must register for your college credit through SERS during the year you take the class.  Registration closes on May 1.

What grade do I need to earn in order to receive the college credits?2019-01-16T00:14:52-08:00

You must earn a “B” (3.0) or better in order to receive the college credit. If the CTE class requires two or more semesters of work in order to earn the college credit, you must have a “B” or better in all semesters.​

Will the college credit I earn through CTE Dual Credit transfer to colleges other than Yakima Valley College?2023-05-31T07:51:16-07:00

There is no guarantee these credits will transfer to any other community college, technical college, four-year college or university. We recommend that you contact each prospective college you wish to go and ask how your credits will transfer. Some colleges will take credit how it is (such as accounting credit will transfer as an accounting credit, business credit will transfer as a business credit), other colleges might accept it as an elective credit, while some colleges may not accept credit at all.​

Am I eligible to earn CTE Dual Credit credits from classes I took in previous years?2019-01-16T00:16:16-08:00

No. You can only register for classes for the year you are taking them.​

Can I apply for credit for the same high school class through more than one college?2017-06-13T23:51:35-07:00


Will the college credit I earn at my high school be looked at differently than if I earned them at the colleges themselves?2019-01-16T00:18:06-08:00

No. When you earn your college credit through CTE Dual Credit, the credits will appear on your college transcript exactly the same as if you earned them at the college.​

How do I get my transcript?2019-01-16T00:20:03-08:00

You will need to contact Yakima Valley College or the college where you earned credit. Transcripts are handled in the  Registration department of the college.

What is the difference between an “official” and “unofficial” transcript?2019-01-16T00:22:10-08:00

An official transcript comes in a sealed envelope and is the type you would give to the college you might attend. Once the seal is broken, it becomes an unofficial transcript. Official transcripts can also be sent electronically through specific services such as Parchment.


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