What do you think when you hear the word Legos? Some can think about Legoland others of the catchphrase “Lego of my Eggo.” While others think about it being a kid’s toy. Just that it is more than just a kid’s toy some can even be collectibles. Lego’s today are sold throughout the whole world. Last year in 2021 it was said that over 400 billion Lego’s have been made and 125 million are sold a day worldwide.

Lego’s was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Later in 1936 got its name Lego which in Latin means “I put together”. Ole was playing around with the idea Leg Godt which in Danish means playing well, but he soon realized he liked Lego.

Ole was first a carpenter but after his company started to lose business and lost his wife he decided to go a different way. This was when he invited his first toy in 1932, which was a wooden duck. Little by little with the help of his children he was able to bring the business back up. Anyways they did have struggles they still managed to achieve what they have today.

By 1946 plastic toys started to be created. They came with teddy bears and rattles, soon after the first Lego was invited. In 1949 the first Lego was invented which they called Automatic Binding Bricks. Just that they didn’t stick well as today’s Legos do. They kept exploring with the idea to make Lego’s stick until January 28, 1958. This new Lego performed better and was able to be moved. It was invented by Ole Kirk’s son Godtfred. Sadly, Ole didn’t get to see the success of the new Lego because he passed away in March of 1958.

As the company grew many people wanted to see it, but it was small that they weren’t able to all fit. This was when the idea out to make Legoland. Soon after in 1968, the first Legoland was opened in Billund, Denmark. After they saw the success they had with this park they started to more parks around the world. As well as to sell Lego toys around the world.

In 1978 the first Lego doll was invited and many more soon after that. As they Lego saw what children like the most they started to make themed Legos. Such themed are Star Wars, Little Pet Shop, Harry Potter, Disney, and much more.

One would probably think that a Lego is just a kid’s toy, but it is much more. A kid can explore and imagine great things while playing with it. A Lego can also be a collector item for a kid or an adult. Lego can also be therapeutic, in my case they have been. I am guilty of having a few Harry Potter sets of Legos’ and I found myself when I build them relaxed.

National Lego Day is celebrated on January 28 because the first Lego was invented on January 28, 1958, and it has come a long way since then. As Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen said he wants kids to “Explore, experience, express their own world a world without limits.”

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Esmeralda Cruz
Grandview Student Counsel Programmer