YVC Students Participate in Community-Based Summer Research Projects

This summer more than 30 Yakima Valley College STEM students are engaged in community-based research projects — developing hands-on, practical skills while also studying issues of interest to local communities and industries.

The research projects provide YVC students with valuable experience both in the lab and in the field, along with the opportunity to work with a variety of community partners. Nearly 200 YVC students have participated in STEM research since 2012, and this year’s projects include:

  • Studying the mass trapping of earwigs in stone fruit orchards where they are considered pests and releasing earwigs in apple and pear orchards where they are beneficial predators of other pests.
  • Analyzing the persistence of pesticides during the winemaking process and effective, accurate methods of measuring pesticides.
  • Detecting neuropeptids in codling moths (which frequently harm apple orchards and other fruit trees) as the first step in identifying possible targets for non-toxic insect control agents.

Opportunities for photos or video of YVC students working in the field and in lab settings are available through early August. Photos and video also are available upon request. To arrange interviews with YVC students and faculty engaged in summer research projects or to arrange a photo/video opportunity, please contact YVC Community Relations.

Press Release Contacts:
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