Yakima Valley College announces in-person and hybrid offerings for Spring Quarter

This spring quarter, Yakima Valley College will offer more classes with face-to-face instruction in either a fully on-campus or hybrid format as it continues to phase-in more on-campus operations. Numerous online class options will continue to be available in spring quarter, which begins March 29, for those who prefer that option.

On-campus classes will be available in numerous subjects including anthropology, art, biology, chemistry, drama, economics, history, math, music, nutrition, political science and psychology. Additional hybrid options, which offer a combination of face-to-face and online instruction, are available in astronomy, Chicano studies, communications, philosophy, sociology, Spanish, English and ethnic studies. View in-person class offerings on YVC’s Yakima and Grandview campuses.

Students enrolling in a class that has in-person interaction at YVC, will be required to follow these steps for visiting campus and attending class:

  • Complete COVID-19 training. This is generally conducted within the student’s class or via Canvas.
  • For each visit, students must complete a health screening on or before their arrival and when they depart campus.
  • All students must wear masks while on campus, regardless of vaccination status.
  • While indoors, students must observe 3-foot physical distancing.

Find the instructions and these steps in more detail on YVC’s Campus Re-Entry website. Updates concerning COVID-19 are also available.

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