Yakima Valley College establishing a roster for Small Public Works projects

Yakima Valley College is developing a roster of qualified contractors who are interested in bidding Small Public Works projects for the 2022-2023 academic year. Under the guidelines provided by the State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services (DES), contractors hoping to bid for Small Public Works projects at Washington state agencies or institutions must complete the Small Works Roster application through the Washington DES website.

The Small Works Roster (SWR) is a listing of State of Washington licensed contractors who have applied for and been placed on the roster. The SWR:

  • at YVC is used for projects under $10,000
  • at the state level is used for projects under $350,000
  • makes it easier for contractors to compete for public works projects
  • helps reduce the cost of bidding small projects

How do I apply for the SWR?

Apply online at Small Works Roster application.

How does the SWR work?

  • Contractors apply to be placed on the roster
  • Organizations, like YVC, use the roster to generate a list of contractors based on the contractor type, type of work, and project location
  • Contractors on the list receive instructions, usually by e-mail, on how to obtain project documents; interested contractors may respond

If you’ve already completed the DES’s SWR application and are interested in bidding on projects for YVC please contact YVC Facility Operations at 509.574.4692 or email facilityops@yvcc.edu to be placed on the YVC Small Works Roster.

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