Yakima Valley College program supports migrant farmworker community

Migrant or seasonal farmworkers and their children have additional support available for pursuing higher education through YVC’s College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). Students can apply online to get started.

“Through the CAMP program I’ve made so many friendships and keep in touch with my peers,” says YVC student Lucero Liliana Mendez who will graduate this spring and plans to transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. “YVC has brought so much to me that I’d been wishing for myself. It has allowed me to travel to a city I’d never been before and win first place in an art contest. It has also allowed me to make friends through a great program (CAMP).” 

CAMP is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and provides a range of support to help migrant or seasonal farmworkers and their children successfully complete the first year of college. Students receive a stipend of up to $2,000, free tutoring, access to technology, career development support, internship and service learning opportunities, academic success workshops and other support.

A student is eligible if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • They or their immediate family members have engaged in migrant seasonal farm work for at least 75 days within the last 24 months,
  • They have participated or been eligible to participate in the Title 1C Migrant Education Program (MEP).
  • They have qualified for the Workforce Investment Act 167 Program (WIA 167), formerly the High School Equivalency Program (HEP).

“CAMP is incredibly successful in opening a pathway to higher education for the migrant farmworker community,” said Marivy Vasquez, director of CAMP at YVC. “Typically, as the first in the family to attend college, students experience challenges in navigating the college-going process and learning. The challenge is much more difficult for students with migrant or migrant seasonal farmworking backgrounds.

YVC is one of 52 institutions of higher education in the nation – and one of eight in Washington State – offering a CAMP program. Collectively, CAMP serves approximately 2,400 students annually with YVC having funding to support 40 students per year.

For more information about CAMP at YVC, contact Marivy Vasquez at mvasquez@yvcc.edu or 509.882.7070. 

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