Instructions for The Write Class at Home Test

  • Email address required.
  • Reliable internet access required.
  • Questions or problems? Email Assessment is NOT timed – take as long as you need.

We trust that you will give us an honest self-assessment so you will be placed at the most  appropriate level for you in order to make your English experience with us the best  possible one.

If you have taken Smarter Balance, SAT/ACTs, please let Testing Services know

** Please do NOT use the back button, it will log you out**

  1. Make sure you have reliable internet before starting. Open The Write Class page.
  2. Read the page and click “Continue.” Enter your first and last name (same as used for YVC Admissions), current email address and Student Identification number. Click on the “Click to Continue” button.
  3. Read directions carefully. Answer questions Click on “continue” to move on to next article and questions.
  4. Read article and answer questions
    NOTE: Keep in mind how long it took to read the article
    Click on “continue” to move to next
  5. Course Assumptions: Read each link to determine which best describes your Check the “I have read the assumptions. . .” box. Make a selection. Then click on “continue”
    – NOTE: Once you have made these selections, you will not be able to go “back” to change your selections. Please make sure you read the descriptions carefully
  6. Class info: read the Check the “I have read and understand the information presented on this page” box. Click “continue”
    NOTE: You will have to make a class selection by the descriptions which best describe your abilities.
  7. Additional Factors: Check the “I have considered these factors and am ready to make my course selection” box. Click “continue”
  8. Preferred course selection: please make sure this is the correct
  9. Email to let us know you have finished the Make sure to include your name.