Job Search Guide

Targeted Job Search

Using a web search, look up all organizations with the jobs/careers you are desiring, e.g. “addiction treatment centers Yakima, WA.”  You will most likely find jobs posted under the Human Resources department.  If the organization you are targeting is very large you can also consider reaching out to the manager of the specific department you are interested in.

Job Websites/Apps

The following job search websites/apps are helpful whether looking for specific work or conducting an open search of jobs.  

There are many others but these are some to consider:

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are paid by organizations to find employees for them.  They are in the business of placing you into a job! Staffing Agencies are usually free although some do charge.  They can place you in temporary or permanent jobs based on availability and your interests and skills. There are several well established staffing agencies in Yakima. If you are open to national or international opportunities then utilize staffing agencies from larger cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, or New York for example. 


Ask friends, family members, and acquaintances if they are aware of anyone hiring, etc.  If you know someone who works at a place that you are interested in you could ask for a contact or help in making a connection.  LinkedIn is a popular networking website but most any social media platforms could be used.  As the old saying goes, sometimes, “it’s not what you know but who you know.”

Job Fairs

Job Fairs are great opportunities to meet directly with organizations looking to hire.  Our local WorkSource Washington office hosts one quarterly. WorkSourceWA Be sure to go dressed accordingly, ready to introduce yourself, your education and experience, and your interests or career goals.