The residence hall at Yakima Valley College offers kitchens on each floor. The kitchen is equipped with a stove (see frying rules below), refrigerator, microwave, tables and chairs. Cooking and eating utensils are not provided.  We have found from experience that this room is very popular in that students can cook there, eat in a large area with friends and then study.

Of course, you can bring a small refrigerator or microwave to cook in your room if you wish. There are grocery stores within walking distance of the residence hall.

We do not have food service in the building.  Food service is available on the main campus in the HUB cafeteria. You can check with them regarding menus and serving hours.

There are several restaurants and fast food establishments in the local area.

For SRC kitchen rules, including stove top/range options, please see the following documents:  SRC Kitchen Rules & SRC Frying Rules.