Graduation A​pplication​​

Important Information & Cut-off Dates

All candidates for an associate degree must submit a degree application for approval. Students are encouraged to submit their application more than one quarter before they plan to graduate so any graduation deficiencies can be resolved prior to the final quarter of enrollment. Specific degree application deadline dates can be found in the college’s quarterly class schedule, under “Important Dates” or call the Registration & Records Office at (509) 574-4700. However, all degree applications must be submitted no later than the quarter in which the student plans to graduate.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor on a quarterly basis to ensure completion of specific degree requirements.

Follow these steps to apply:

1.) Obtain the appropriate degree application. If you are graduating with a degree or certificate in an occupational field, please obtain your degree or certificate application from the Registration and Records Office in the Deccio Higher Education Building or from your advisor.

2.) If you are graduating with a 2-year academic transfer degree or a bachelor’s degree select one of the links below and print the degree application or visit the Registration and Records Office and request the degree application.

3.) Obtain a copy of your YVC transcript and an evaluated copy of any transfer transcripts you may be using to meet your graduation requirements. If you have transfer credits, you can obtain an evaluated copy in the Admissions Office in the Deccio Higher Education Building.


4.) Make an appointment with your advisor and bring the above documents.  Your advisor will assist you in filling out your degree application.

5.) Obtain the appropriate signatures requested on your degree application.

6.) Proceed to the Cashier’s Office in the Deccio Higher Education Building and pay the $10 graduation application fee.

7.) Bring your completed graduation application to the Registration & Records Office in the Deccio Higher Education Building.

The Graduation Evaluator will review your application. If the degree application cannot be approved as submitted, you will be notified in writing.

For more specific information on graduation requirements, please review the YVC College Catalog

Also, please feel free to contact the Registration and Records Office at (509) 574-4700 or by email for further information.

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