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Student Clubs & Organizations

ASYVC Club Information

YVC has many student clubs and organizations which are an important supplement to academic experiences, address special student interests, and provide community service opportunities throughout YVC and the Yakima Valley. Students are also encouraged to form new clubs if present groups do not meet the needs of a particular interest group.

Contact club advisors for club meeting dates, times, and locations.

To provide the opportunity for club members to develop leadership skills and prepare for a career in the agriculture industry. Participate with other club members in community service and fundraising activities.

Meetings: Varies
Advisor: Trent Ball, 509.882.7007,  tball@yvcc.edu\Holly Ferguson, 509.574.4517, hferguson@yvcc.edu

To provide programs and resources for students at YVC to complement and enhance YVC student experience.

Meetings: Tuesday @ 12:30-1 /Palmer Martin Hall, Building 20, Room 52
Advisor: Rachel Dorn, 509.574.4844,  rdorn@yvcc.edu

To provide an avenue for the YVC academic community to practice business skills with the community, campus, faculty. Staff and fellow alumni that will directly apply to the everyday business world. To provide opportunities for networking, volunteering, internships, entrepreneurship resources and educational opportunities.

Meetings: Thursday @ 11:30-1 / Glenn Anthon Hall, Building 4, Room 174
Advisor: Dr. Brock Eubanks, 509.574.6800 ext 3226,  beubanks@yvcc.edu

To promote overall oral healthcare and provide oral healthcare education at YVC and in the Yakima Valley.

Meetings: Monday @ 12-12:30/ Dental Hygiene Building, Building 3
Advisor: Cheri Podruzny, 509.574.4921, cpodruzny@yvcc.edu

To educate, mentor, and organize community involvement and activities to broaden engineering students.

Meetings: Thursday @ 12:30 / Deccio Higher Education Center, Building 8, Room 287
Advisor: Raj Rajkumar, 509.574.4752, rrajkumar@yvcc.edu

The mission of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is “to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; serving and obeying Him in their lives, relationships, and within the fellowship of “the church”.

Meetings: Sunday @ 7-8/ Sherar Gymnasium, Building 6
Advisor: Cash Ulrich, 509.574.6822, jculrich@yvcc.edu

To organize the Yakima valley college gaming community and encourage a positive and safe environment, as well as promoting any sort of gaming environment (video, board, card).

Meetings: Friday @ 10:30-2 / Palmer Martin Hall, Building 20, Room 101
Advisor: John Bissonette, 509.574.4503, jbissonette@yvcc.edu

To create an atmosphere of support and pride for those of all LGBT community and minorities.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 12:30 / Club Room in Hopf Union Building (HUB), Building 9
Advisor: Elizabeth DeVilleneuve, 509.574.4978, EDeVilleneuve@yvcc.edu

To foster a cooperative, accessible, and challenging environment which enhances the awareness, understanding, and knowledge of both automotive club and the community.

Meetings: Tues @ 12:50 / Technology Building, Building 24, Room 104 G
Advisor: Murray Ruggles, 509.574.6869,  mruggles@yvcc.edu

To provide opportunities for students associated with the radiology sciences program to develop leadership skills through educational and community service activities.

Meetings: Every other Monday @ 12:15 / Technology Complex, Building 24, Room 105
Advisor: Chris Beaudry, 509.574.4931, cbeaudry@yvcc.edu/Michele Coville, 509.574.4926, mcoville@yvcc.edu

The purpose of Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A) is to promote higher education among Chican@s/Mexicanos.

Meetings: Thursdays @ 12:30 / Glenn Anthon Hall, Building 4, Room 112
Advisor: Monserrat Vargas, 509.574.4977, mvargas@yvcc.edu

To promote health, nursing, and education at YVC and in the Yakima Valley.

Meetings: Monday time varies / Sundquist Hall, Building 21, Room 141
Advisor: Wendy Baker, 509.574.4901, wbaker@yvcc.edu/Rebecca Cikauskas, 509.574.4902, rcikauska@yvcc.edu

To recognize and encourage academic excellence, to promote leadership development, to encourage service both to YVC and the local community, and to provide an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 12:30 / Glenn Anthon Hall, Building 4, Room 218
Advisor: Greg Kent, 509.574.4883, gkent@yvcc.edu

To encompass the appreciation of the Spanish culture with a student led, friendly atmosphere that will enlighten the student body and the community in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Meetings: Thursday @ 12:30 / Hopf Union Building (HUB), Building 9
Advisor: Melinda Chiperez, , 509.574.4826, mchiperez@yvcc.edu

To provide educational opportunities for STEM students. (includes Chemistry, Math, Biology, Geology, MESA, Nutrition)

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times.
Advisor: Matthew Loeser, 509.574.4858, Mloeser@yvcc.edu

To educate the student body about the art of swing dancing in order to build relationships, have fun, and help those people out here that say they have two left feet.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 12:30-1 / Hopf Union Building (HUB), Building 9
Advisor: John Bissonette, 509.574.4503, jbissonette@yvcc.edu

To promote a healthy lifestyle through meditation, yoga, Zumba, outdoor activities and recipes. Our goal is to help the student thrive in college while maintaining a healthy school-life balance. All suggestions are welcomed.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Vicente Lopez, 509.574.4968, vlopez@yvcc.edu

Transferring the dreams of YVC students to a four year university.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 1 / Hopf Union Building (HUB), Building 9, Club Room
Advisor: Marivy Vasquez, 509.574.4701, mvasquez@yvcc.edu

To fulfill the needs of veterans and to create an environment dedicated to veteran support. Though our main focus in our veterans, we also realize how essential everyone is in terms of support. This is a task that veterans are not able to do alone, so any help that is provided by anyone is greatly appreciated.

Meetings: Friday @ 12:30 / Campus Operations, Building 29
Advisor: Chris Kinzell, 509.574.4157, ckinzell@yvcc.edu

To equip veterinary technician students through education and practical knowledge, to prepare for a career in the animal health industry.

Meetings: Monday @ 9:30 / Technology Complex, Building 24, Room 106
Advisor: Dr. Sue Wedam, 509.574.4759, swedam@yvcc.edu

ASYVC Programs

The mission of Intercollegiate Athletics is to offer students competitive sports programs that develop skills, abilities, leadership, teamwork, competitiveness and discipline. Athletics provide preparation for potential career opportunities in teaching and coaching, and provide a foundation for lifelong recreational interests and purposeful use of leisure time. The program adds to student life and is a source of entertainment, camaraderie and community pride.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Ray Funk, 509.574.4722, rfunk@yvcc.edu

To bring diverse perspectives to everyday topics and push the boundaries of the term “diversity” beyond race, gender, social class, and sexuality.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Maribel Jiménez, 509.574.4965, mjimenez@yvcc.edu

The YVC Student Ambassador mission is to welcome, orient, and support students through the use of college resources and knowledge of the campus. The YVC Ambassador Team is a diverse group of student leaders who would facilitate campus tours for individuals and groups, in high school and community outreach events, and assist various campus organizations with special/annual events.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Caitlin Goodwill, 509.574.4775, cgoodwill@yvcc.edu

Students who participate in the Drama Department/Playmasters program are involved in all aspects of the production process, from performing to directing to designing to stage managing.  The program produces three or more full mainstage productions each year, and regularly supports student-led productions in the “black box” theatre.  Additionally, the program engages in community outreach, and collaborates with other programs and clubs on the YVC campus.  The Drama Department/Playmasters is dedicated to producing quality theatre for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and for instilling in its student members a lifelong respect and enthusiasm for live theatre.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Alicia Bickley, 509.574.4837, abickley@yvcc.edu

To provide leisure time physical and recreational opportunities for students via use of the gymnasium, fitness center, and weight room.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Ray Funk, 509.574.4722, rfunk@yvcc.edu

To provide quality instruction on a wide range of musical topics to a very diverse student population. We are committed to a student centered education which emphasizes musical accessibility for all students and promotes self-esteem through musical performance. By providing both on-campus and off-campus performance opportunities for all our music students, we seek to instill a dedication to life-long learning and participating in music.

Meetings: Contact advisor for meeting days and times
Advisor: Jeff Norwood, 509.574.4836, jnorwood@yvcc.edu/Steven Slusher, 509.834.4554, sslusher@yvcc.edu

Non-ASYVC Program supported by S&A funds

Jane’s House serves students, YVC employees, and community members from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

The Early Learning Center is an inclusive child development center for children of all abilities, run by Easter Seals Washington. The center offers much more than high quality childcare. Certified preschool teachers offer a carefully planned educational experience designed to meet the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of young children.

All students receive a reduced student rate. Bilingual staff members are available, and the center is ADA-accessible.

Contact: Molly Gunderson, 509.574.4742, mgunderson@wa.easterseals.com
Location: 1101 S. 13th Ave, Building 26, Yakima, WA

Starting a ASYVC Club

How to start a recognized club

  • There must be at least five (5) YVC students, and five (5) of those students must be able to fulfill officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Senate Representative). Non-students may not be members of a YVC club.
  • Each club is required to have an advisor. The advisor must be a full time faculty or staff member at YVC and approved by the Dean of Student Services. The advisor must be present at all club functions, meetings, and activities.
  • Turn in a Signed Club Advisor Form to the Student Life Office.
  • Fill out a petition for recognition form and turn it in to H-144 (Student Life Office).
  • Submit a club Constitution (samples are available in the Student Life Office).
  • Schedule with the ASYVC Secretary to have your petition recognized at the next ASYVC senate meeting. Club representatives must be in attendance when petition is voted on.
  • Notify the Student Life Office of any changes in club officers, meeting times and any other relevant information.
  • After being recognized as an official club, an official club roster with all member names must be placed on file in the ASYVC Student Life Office.

A recognized ASYVC Club has the following rights:

  • Use of the YVC name.
  • Use of the YVC facilities for meetings and activities.
  • Use of the YVC communication media, The Yak ASYVC Newsletter YVC Reader Boards, and access to the Community Relations office.
  • Recognition in YVC publications.
  • Access to the ASYVC events calendar
  • Right to apply for budget allocation from the ASYVC annual budget (does not guarantee receiving of funds).
  • You will receive a startup budget of $250 the first year!
  • Use of budget as allocated by ASYVC under State guidelines

An ASYVC Club must agree to the following:

  • The club constitution must contain:
    1.) A democratic plan for selection of members without regard to race, religion, sex, age, handicap, etc.
    2.) Members must be registered students at YVC.
    3.) Constitution amendment procedure.
  • Adhere to all policies, which are set by the YVC Board of Trustees, the ASYVC office, and the State of Washington.
  • Appointed officers will attend mandatory Senate, Treasurer, and Presidents meetings.
  • Club officers cannot hold officer positions in more than one club.
  • Maintain all monies in a YVC account through the Business Office. No off-campus commercial accounts are allowed.
  • Have all budget requests (travel authorizations, petty cash, requisitions, etc.) signed by the club advisor and the Coordinator of Student Life, before funds are used, all budget paperwork must be submitted at least 10 days before a transaction is attempted.