YVC Alumni Association


The Yakima Valley College Alumni Association was established in 1977 to help graduates maintain an interest in YVC and to keep them informed of the progress and policies of the college. In addition, the group worked to aid YVC in initiating and promoting activities that were in the best interest of the institution.


The YVC Alumni Association is dedicated to providing alumni with new and exciting ways to connect with their alma mater and with other alumni. The association, governed by a volunteer board of directors, works to promote a close relationship between alumni and the college.


  • The annual award of the YVC Alumni Scholarship and the procurement of the funds with which to make the award.
  • Preservation of the history of the college through the acquisition of historical documents and publications; and through the documentation and preservation of the plaques around the campus.

​Distinguished Alumnus Award

Each year the Community Relations Department seeks nominations for the annual Distinguished Alumnus Award. The award gets presented at the YVC Commencement Ceremony each June. The award was first conferred in 1982 to Catherine May Bedell, a 1934 YVC graduate and U.S. Congresswoman. Since then, the award has been presented to a variety of notable graduates of YVC.

Alumni Association Scholarship

The YVC Alumni Association Scholarship is awarded to a full-time (12 credits) student enrolled at YVC and working toward an AA in arts and sciences, technical areas, or general studies. The student must demonstrate achievement, either academic, professional, or through life experience, and financial need. Preference is given to family members of YVC alumni. For more information about the scholarship:  YVC Foundation Scholarship Criteria

​​Plaque Restoration

Over the years, the campus of Yakima Valley College has been graced by many informative plaques placed on buildings and other locations of interest.  In 2005 it came to the attention of the Alumni Association that there is no process in place to keep track of, or maintain the condition of these wonderful bits of campus history. The YVC Alumni Association therefore offered to both catalogue and track the plaques and be responsible for their restoration. For more information on the restoration project contact the Alumni Association.