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Leaf Mandala

Larson Gallery | Mandalas Exhibit

The Art of Paul Heussenstamm

This summer the Larson Gallery will showcase the artwork of renowned teacher and fourth generation artist Paul Heussenstamm.

Heussenstamm has been sharing his unique gift of helping people discover their soul through his paintings and “Art as a Spiritual Path” workshops worldwide. He has created over 2,000 paintings that explore  a diverse range of sacred traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.

Among the sacred art forms that have inspired Heuseenstamm’s work is the mandala.

“The mandala, for me, more than any other teacher in this lifetime, has opened the doorway into the symbolic language of the soul,” he said. “Once this language is known, once the doorway into the unconscious has been opened, once the dynamism of intuitive pattern reading is understood, then life, as it is known, changes suddenly and dramatically.”

“Paul’s work is very spiritual and provides a sense of calm to those experiencing his are,” Lynx said, noting that he first met Paul nearly a decade ago and owns several of the artist’s works in his personal collection.

This exhibit is made possible through a grant from Fresh Hop Ale Festival and will be on display from July 9 – August 27, 2022.