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During the past five years, 76 Yakima Valley College faculty and staff have completed projects through ESCALA, a professional learning initiative focused on improving learning experiences for students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions. Following an in-depth workshop focused on understanding the needs and

Shortly following an April 2021 presidential announcement recognizing the Armenian Genocide, Yakima Valley College students in History 118 spoke with Dawn Anahid MacKeen, author of “The Hundred-Year Walk,” a saga of her grandfather’s survival in the face of genocide. Instructor John

The college’s Chemical Dependency program has changed its name and will now be known as the Substance Use Disorder program. Instructor Gerard Dombrowski said the name change reflects more clinically accurate terminology incorporated in recent revisions to the “Diagnostic and Statistic

Despite numerous advances in medicine over the last few decades, accurately diagnosing the consciousness of unresponsive patients remains a surprisingly difficult task. Scientific studies suggest that 30 to 40% of patients diagnosed as being in what is commonly called a

Pictured below are the newly renovated labs for biology, chemistry and geology courses in Grandview Main. The lab spaces are part of a $3 million project that also included renovations to a distance learning classroom, financial aid office and computer

Reacting and making quick decisions is key to success in any sport, but on March 31 the YVC women’s soccer team found itself tested in a different way. While taking a break from running sprints during practice, team members noticed smoke

On April 6, the YVC women’s basketball team took on Big Bend to mark the Yaks’ return to competition after more than a year of waiting and wondering. Over a two-month period, five of YVC’s six teams (baseball, men’s and women’s

After five years as head coach of the YVC women’s basketball team, Adam Strom will be moving to Haskell Indian Nations University, an NAIA school in Lawrence, Kan. During his tenure, Strom led the program to an overall record of

The close of the academic year is a moment for our college community to both remember the ground we have covered and to look with positive anticipation at what lies ahead. With all that we have experienced over this past

Yakima Valley College presented its 92nd Graduating Class on June 18, 2021 with an online, live-streamed event. The celebration included both photo and video submissions from graduates, and encouraging messages from faculty, staff and administrators. YVC's Choir performed a rendition