​​​​​​​​Basic Food Employment & Training (BFE&T)

The Basic Food Employment and Training (BFE&T) program offers educational and workforce training opportunities to students receiving Basic Food Assistance (food stamps).

The primary function of the BFE&T program at YVC is to ensure eligible students continue receiving vital services such as Basic Food Assistance and/or Child Care Subsidy while completing a professional technical or transfer program of study with the goal of future employment.

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What our students say…

Being a BFET student has helped me in more ways than just financially. The monthly reports help me stay on track with my college career. This program helps me financially because I am currently only working two days a week because of my school schedule and COVID. The main thing that is helping me though is the monthly reports to look back on how I did that month and what I need to improve on.

Stormy Slack, BFET Student

Eligibility Requirements

Students may qualify for BFE&T if they:

  • Receiving or eligible to receive Basic Food benefits (SNAP)
  • Household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty rate
  • Must not be receiving TANF
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Pursue an approved professional/technical or transfer program (BAS programs are not eligible)
  • GED, HS 21+, ABE, and ESL programs may also be considered if necessary to achieve an employment goal

BFE&T Provides

  • Eligibility for a childcare subsidy (Working Connections Child Care) through the DSHS
  • Eligibility to receive Basic Food Benefits (Food Stamps) while enrolled in college
  • Tuition assistance
  • Financial assistance with other college-related expenses (e.g., school supplies and books)
  • Personal career assessment and planning
  • Case management and employment plans
  • Job search assistance and employment retention services

Please Note
Enrollment of BFE&T is based on eligibility and availability of funds. Students must re-apply each quarter.

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