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Enedeo Garza III

Student Highlight I Enedeo Garza III

Without a clear career direction after high school, Enedeo Garza shifted between jobs in various industries while working summers in local fruit warehouses. In 2014, ready to make a change, Garza enrolled at Yakima Valley College.

“I chose [Yakima Valley College] because I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career and knew that the two years it would take me to obtain my AA would help me discover where my interests lied,” said Garza, who grew up in Toppenish.

As a returning student Garza strived to push and motivate himself for success. A variety of support programs at YVC, including the college’s Speech and Language Center, helped propel his success. Garza’s first experience with the center came after he enrolled in an Introduction to Communications course.

“My first quarter at YVC I took Mr. McReynolds’ “Intro to Communications” class and really loved it. We had some assignments in which we had to use the Speech and Language Center, and before I even knew that working there was an option, I remember thinking that it was a cool spot,” stated Garza.

Eventually this experience led Garza to taking a part-time job as a tutor in the center — an experience he believes was crucial to his future success. As a tutor Garza was able to take the concepts learned in class and apply them to real world situations to help other students find success.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed that proper communication is essential for people to be effective in any profession they pursue. Working in the Speech and Language Center shaped my future goals/plans. I not only found a passion for communications, but a passion for teaching.” — Enedeo Garza

After earning an associate degree at YVC, Garza attended Heritage University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in English. He is currently working as an English teacher at Toppenish Middle School.

“I know that my desire to teach was sparked by my time in the Speech and Language Center,” he shared.