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Out of the Woods Exhibition coming this summer to the Larson Gallery

This summer the Larson Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled “Out of the Woods”. The title of exhibit has a double meaning. First, that the show features artwork, utensils and furniture made of wood by local artists, and second, the hope that we will soon be out of the woods from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local artists John Barany, Norm Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Pat and Karen Miller, Marilyn Bergevin and Randal Leek will each have artwork included in this exhibit. Visitors also will be able to make purchases and take artwork home the day they visit without waiting until the exhibition concludes.
“This new approach is in anticipation of out of town visitors stopping by the gallery and the new tasting room for Yakima Valley Vintners,” stated Gallery Director David Lynx.

“We used to have uniforms and everybody looked a bit the same. But, now, each person is faced with so many choices, everyone. Can be a totally wild individual. You paint your face instead of Washing It clean, wear a Mohawk do instead of the ‘bowl’ haircut we had In the 50’s. And, then, the clothes: What color shoes should I Wear today, what style tie, which kind of eye shadow, an eye brow Earring or no?20X20X7”, Lathe-turned and hollowed ash outer inverted bowl with natural bark on.
A central raku-fired mask by Gary Dismukes. Steel wire hair. All features are
Hand-carved and airbrush painted in acrylics. The final clear coat is polycoat that
will allow cleaning. A keyhole slot allows absolutely flat wall mounting as
Well as easy removal.”
– John Barany about Stylin’ 2021 piece