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Community Accelerator Grant Awardee graphic

Larson Gallery awarded grant

The Larson Gallery Guild has been awarded a Community Accelerator Grant in the amount of $22,500. Funded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and administered by ArtsFund, the purpose of the grant is to provide essential capital to Washington’s cultural organizations and invest in a stronger, more inclusive and thriving arts and cultural sector.

“We are so proud to highlight the breadth and depth of Washington’s rich cultural landscape and celebrate the leadership and vision of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation in funding this program,” said ArtsFund CEO and President Michael Greer in a release about the awards. “Our hope is that their philanthropy inspires others to continue to invest in this sector and see how possible it is to make an investment that is meaningful, equitable, and expeditious.”

Grants were awarded to over 670 organizations, with an average award of $14,909. The total funding pool of $10 million responds to approximately two-thirds of total requested funds. Organizations in 35 of Washington’s 39 countries are included.

“This community-driven model distributes urgently needed capital quickly, equitably and efficiently to arts and culture organizations that are so important to a vibrant, healthy community,” said Lara Littlefield, executive director, on behalf of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. “We are heartened by the diversity and geographic reach of this program as well as the speed and efficiency in which it was administered thanks to ArtsFund and the Community Advisory Panel.”

Washington State’s arts and culture nonprofits, like the Larson Gallery, play a critical role in supporting the health and well-being of our people and the economy. This award is unrestricted.