Neha Patel

Associate in Science

Neha Patel graduated in 2000 with a high school diploma from Sunnyside High School and an associate in science degree from YVC. She accomplished this by enrolling in YVC’s Running Start Program at YVC’s Grandview Campus. Running Start provides students, like Neha, the opportunity to earn college-level credits without the cost of tuition.

Motivated by her family, she decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Patel enjoyed her experience and found YVC’s environment and class structure as important elements of her success. “For me, the main benefits of the Running Start Program are the smaller classes and individual attention,” stated Patel. “I got very good grades at YVC. I remember one particular instructor, Mike Kenyon, who helped me succeed at competitive grades in calculus due to do his ability to provide additional teaching, coaching, and tutoring,” she stated. In addition, she gained valuable insight from studying with a diverse population. “People in my classes consisted of veterans, single mothers, and people working on prerequisites for second careers. A huge part of my education were the non-high school students I went to class with. I got to hear their stories and learn a little bit about what real life can be like after high school. I think this aspect of the program matured me in ways I would not have otherwise,” she continued.

Following YVC she transferred to the University of Washington and earned a degree in Molecular Biology. She is now working as the Nursing Operations Manager for Pulmonary Clinic, Bronchoscopy, Pulmonary Function Testing, and Hyperbaric Medicine at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.