Jose Mondaca

Associate in Science

The second oldest in his family, Jose Mondaca began working at a young age to support his family and care for his younger siblings. Following his graduation from Davis High School, Mondaca began taking courses at YVC.

“I choose YVC because it was an affordable option that allowed me to stay at home and study while continuing to help support my family,” stated Mondaca. Initially, he was unsure of what direction his education would take, but with the support of instructors in the physical sciences department he has found success at YVC.

In June, Jose graduated with an associate in science degree. In the fall he plans to transfer to Central Washington University (CWU) where he will pursue a degree in chemistry. His experience at YVC was inspiring. Mondaca hopes to pursue a career in teaching. He was recently selected for the CWU SOLVER Scholars Program. This program provides financial, academic, social, and professional support for students who are pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields.

As a 1st generation college student, Mondaca hopes others make the choice to pursue a college degree. “It’s ok to start college even if you don’t have a clear direction,” stated Mondaca. “You can’t figure out your major until you find out what interests you. Before you get invested in a degree program, make sure you find something that you enjoy doing,” he concluded.