Grandview Student Council

Grandview Students – we are here to represent you

It is the responsibility of the Grandview Student Council to:

  • provide a representation of student interest, needs and well-being within the college community;
  • provide opportunities for individual leadership development and for group participation;
  • initiate and coordinate student activities;
  • foster cooperative relationships among the students, faculty, staff, administration, and community; and
  • affirm and support the YVC Mission.

YVC Grandview Campus students are represented by the Grandview Student Council (GSC) while attending classes on the Grandview branch campus. Grandview Student Council has five positions are hired.

GSC Office in located in the Student Activity Center

Grandview Student Government Hours
Mon & Wed 10:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m.
Tues &Thurs 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Food Pantry  T,W,Th 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Activity Center Building #52
GSC office location on map. Map shows that the GSC office is in the Student Activity Center.

GSC Positions

Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica RodriguezGSC President
Isai Lujan-Ramirez
Isai Lujan-RamirezGSC Vice President
Sulema Gonzalez
Sulema GonzalezGSC Programmer
Anali Gonzalez
Anali GonzalezGSC Health Outreach Ambassador
Isaac Jimenez
Isaac JimenezLead GSC Student Ambassador
Alondra Serna-Negrete
Alondra Serna-NegreteGSC Student Ambassador
Meleni Longinos-Martinez
Meleni Longinos-MartinezGSC Student Ambassador

Past Officers

GSC Position Name
President Nichalas Mejia
Vice President Leah Shenyer
Secretary Victoria Santoy
Programmer 1 Emily Wilkins
Programmer 2 vacant
Ambassador Andrew Whittaker
GSC Advisor Diana Jennings
GSC Position Name
President Carlos Correa
Vice President Monica Muñoz
Secretary Maria Frias
Programmer 1 Michelle Galvez
Programmer 2 Alexis Carrasco
Ambassador Aaron Andrade
GSC Advisor Diana Jennings
GSC Position Name
President Ruben Cortez
Vice President Anabel Ruiz
Treasurer Amber Alvarez
Secretary Adam Olivas
Director for Student Programs April Carrillo
GSC Position Name
President Beckie Fernandez
Vice President Stephanie Sanchez
Treasurer Estefania Flores
Secretary Janessa Hoffard
Director for Student Programs Mariah Coronado
GSC Position Name
President Jose Cazares
Vice President Andrea Schenck
Treasurer Megan Schlenker
Secretary Catalina Alvarez
Director for Student Programs Melissa Rodriguez
GSC Position Name
President Taylor Mortensen
Vice President Ezequiel Zamora
Treasurer Andrea Schenck
Secretary Spencer Jaquish
Director for Student Programs Yulie Ambriz
GSC Position Name
President Hannah Vlieger
Vice President Javier Alvarez
Treasurer Nadia Rosas
Secretary Trina Collins
Director for Student Programs Alison Gilliland
GSC Position Name
President Amy Officer
Vice President Nadia Rosas
Secretary Ethan Stoddard
Director for Student Programs
GSC Position Name
President Derek Anderson
Vice President Michelle Perry
Treasurer Rhonda Flett
Secretary Elizabeth Hudak
Director for Student Programs Laura Taylor
GSC Position Name
President Derek Anderson
Vice President Michelle Perry
Secretary Ashley Leir
Director for Student Programs
GSC Position Name
President Katie Wheeler
Vice President Della Graf
Secretary Chastity Garcia
Director for Student Programs Joy Arroyo
GSC Position Name
President Meriya Curtis
Vice President Sara Adams
Treasurer David Timmerman
Secretary Jaylin Richman
Director for Student Programs Jessica Schilperoort
GSC Position Name
President Kim Martinez
Vice President
Treasurer/Secretary Samantha Graf
Programmer 1 Holly Roettger
Programmer 2 Aaron Shea
Laura Yolo
Laura YoloManager, Student Life & Government
Building 52, Room 102