Sleeping? Yes Please!

Doesn’t it sound nice to lay down in a comfy bed surrounded by fluffy pillows, warm fuzzy blankets, and your favorite stuffed animal by your side? It sounds great to me!

Sleeping is either something we all really want to do or think we just do not have the time for, between school, work, and possibly kids, sleep is something you want or don’t…unfortunately. What many people do not know is that as humans we are the only mammals who are able to put off sleeping, where we can go hours and hours at a time rejecting sleep, isn’t that interesting? But sleep actually helps boost immunity, especially during flu season and other sicknesses.

Now have you ever woken up to you or someone else having a full conversation with someone who isn’t there, because I used to have conversations with mermaids when I was young? Many do not know it but 15% of the total population sleepwalk or talk in their sleep, so be aware that if you see someone sleepwalking or talking, they definitely contribute to that 15%. Another interesting fact is that it really should only take us about 10-15 minutes to fall asleep, and I thought this was absolutely crazy because it takes me about an hour but for those of us who fall asleep quickly it could actually mean that you suffer from sleep deprivation. There are a couple of recommendations that can help you fall asleep such as buying a new bed, spending an hour before bed away from your phone, taking a shower, and even reading a book can help you start a new journey towards better sleep!

Now sleep is very important but at times we feel obligated to hold off our need for it because we need to study, eat, or even just feel we need more hours in the day. Although these feelings are intense, we should do our best to promote good sleep practices before bed to create positive habits that can benefit us in the long run.

Remember to sleep well and have a great National Sleep Day, I think the best way to celebrate is to wrap yourself up in a blanket like a burrito and play a movie to fall asleep too. Remind your friends and family how important sleep is, and just to scare them, maybe say you’ll see them in your dreams…OOO wouldn’t that keep them up at night!?

Sources: Curious Facts About Sleep

Written by: Lily Villa GSC President