National Donor Day

Say Yes Candy Heart. National Donor Day Feb 14.

February 14 is dedicated to honoring those who have donated, who have received a donation, and those who are still currently waiting to receive the gift of life. National Donor Day was first established in 1998 by the Saturn Corporation as well as their partner United Auto Workers. Whether you sign up to become an organ donor or take the time to donate blood in your local area, you are making a heroic choice to save many people and change their lives.

There are currently over 106,000 people on the organ donor list and every 2 seconds there is someone in the United States who needs a blood transfusion. By donating organs, blood, or tissue, you can save and improve the lives of so many people. Donating blood can also affect the lives of several people and is needed for patients who have cancer, are car accident victims, people who have experienced traumatic injuries, and many more. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for blood, and this is why blood donation is important.

Donating blood is a safe way easy way to get involved on National Donor Day and even any day of the year. This process will only take about an hour or less of your time. There are many types of blood donations, and a single unit of blood can be separated into different parts such as plasma, red blood cells, and platelets and can be used in a variety of ways.

Organ donation is also beneficial, when considering donating remember the gift that you can give others, the gift of overall better quality of life. You can make a difference in not only the lives of the people you donate to but also their families as well.  This is an opportunity to help others which doesn’t cost anything and is a rewarding and positive experience.

If you are unable to become a donor there are still ways you can help spread awareness of the importance of donation. You can educate others by sharing information and ways they can get involved. Here are many ways to participate and celebrate National Donor Day and spread awareness of this very important issue.

  1. Contact your local Red Cross to find out where you can donate blood
  2. Host a blood drive through the Red Cross
  3. Register to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor at DonateLife or your DMV when you get or renew your license
  4. Educate others and help spread awareness about the importance of organ, blood, and tissue donation

Brittney Scherer
GSC Vice President