Meet your incoming student officers

The ASYVC EB is comprised of students from the Grandview Campus – Grandview Student Council (GSC) and students from the Yakima Campus – Yakima Student Council (YSC) with several positions being filled by a student from either campus and serving the joint student councils. Below you will find introductions of each incoming officer in their own words. Please join us for a Zoom Town Hall on Monday, June 7 from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. to “meet” these new student government officers and ask questions about their goals for the 2021-2022 academic year.

GSC President – Lily Villa

“Hi everyone, my name is Lily Villa! I am an upcoming second-year Running Start student who attends Mabton High School. I am excited to build a strong relationship with fellow students as well as integrate community involvement into campus life. This next year, I hope to amplify student voices and encourage engagement in all areas. Thank you and I hope to hear (possibly see) some of you soon! P.S.: I’m a big Criminal Minds fan!”

YSC President – Kayla Villanueva

“Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Villanueva, I am currently a junior at Sunnyside High School and in my first year of Running Start. As a first-year Running Start student, I have spent most of my time at YVC remotely so I am super excited to be YSC President next year to become more involved and interact with all of the staff and students!”

GSC Vice President – Brittney Scherer

Hello everyone, my name is Brittney Scherer, and I am excited be a part of YVC’s Student Council as Grandview’s Vice President. This is going to be my third year at Yakima Valley College, and I will be graduating with my associate degree next year! I am excited to be a part of an amazing team and be able to create new opportunities and memories for the students at YVC. I am prepared to dedicate my time and effort to achieve our goals for this coming school year and I am excited to see what we can accomplish together.”

YSC Vice President – Robert Morrison

”Hi everyone, I’m Robert Morrison I’m excited to be the Vice President of YSC for the 2021-2022 school year and to get back on campus. I was the public relations officer this year and loved helping with events. I look forward to working with students and clubs with anything I can.”

GSC Programmer – Esmeralda Cruz

“Hello, my name is Esmeralda Cruz. I am very excited to be part of the Student Council once again. This is going to be my last year here at YVC and hope to transfer to Heritage. I want to give it my all once again like I did last year. I can’t wait to see what this year has to offer and to work with my fellow student council members.”

YSC Programmer – Alyssa Zepeda

“Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Zepeda and I will be the Yakima Student Council Programmer! I’m a student at West Valley High School and a Running Start student here at YVC. I’m really excited to be a part of the Student Council and I can’t wait to get started so that I can help create events that will allow everyone to feel involved with one another and the school! I, like many others in Student Council, are most excited to bring everyone together again after everything that has happened in the past year, and I hope I can help do that with the events I help put together!”

GSC Lead Student Ambassador – Dallas Alberti

“Hey y’all! My name’s Dallas, I am 17 and I will be a senior this year. I am a criminal justice student hoping to get my AA by the time I go to police academy in fall 2023. I’m looking forward to getting to be your guys’ student ambassador. I really like working with people and I always love getting to meet new ones and I’m excited to get to know you!”

YSC Lead Student Ambassador – Aisha Awan

“Hi, my name is Aisha Awan and this Fall Quarter will be the beginning of my second year at the YVC. I am currently going to school to get my degree in civil engineering. I am really looking forward to being the lead ambassador and getting the opportunity to coordinate responsibilities such as campus tours with my fellow teammates and to make sure that every student, new and old, feels welcomed.”

ASYVC Secretary – Lindsey Crawford

“Hi, my name is Lindsey Crawford and I have been a YVC student since January 2018. I am just finishing up my AA, however, I plan to return in the Fall to complete my SUD certification and I will also be the new ASYVC Secretary. I am looking forward to the opportunity to become more involved in the college experience and to have the chance to help make sure other students are able to have as enjoyable of an experience as I have thus far. I look forward to meeting you and helping in any way that I can.”

ASYVC Treasurer – Aracely Ochoa

“Hi everyone! My name is Aracely Ochoa, and I am ecstatically looking forward to being part of the 2021-2022 ASYVC executive board. I am currently a high school junior attending my first year at YVC as a full-time Running Start student. During my time as treasurer, I hope to meet new people and create new memories. I’m excited about this opportunity because not only will it be a great learning opportunity, but it will be a chance for me to get involved within the YVC community.”

ASYVC Public Relations & Marketing – Abigail Moran

“My name is Abigail Moran, I am 16 years old and I am your new public relations and marketing officer. A little about me is I am a YVC Running Start student who also attends Granger High School. In my down time I enjoy baking, watching Netflix and being on TikTok for far too long. I am really excited for this position as it is a way for me to serve my peers as well as give back and play a bigger role to this amazing college community.”

Hope to see y’all on Zoom!

Laura Yolo – Student Life Coordinator