Campus Pride is alive

Abraham Lopez in a Yak maskAttention student body! The month of April is YVC’s Campus Pride Month. This is the month where the student body has the chance to celebrate what they love about YVC! (Yes, we know it is the last day of April but you can still share your pride in our beautiful campus!)

Yakima Valley College, or better known by its abbreviation YVC, first opened its doors in Yakima in the year 1928. YVC would then open its second campus in Grandview and open learning centers in Sunnyside, Toppenish, and Ellensburg, helping a large number of students all across the Yakima Valley.

As a long time student of YVC myself (I am now on my fourth YVC year!), I have a lot to be thankful for YVC about. The most obvious is my education. For me that means an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s degree and for the rest of the student body that can also mean certificates or even just some general education. I am also grateful for the job opportunities I have had on this campus. I have had the pleasure of being on the Grandview Student Council for three years now (which is how I can write this blog to the rest of you) and I am sure there are tutors or other work-study students who are grateful to find work in something that they may have an interest in thanks to YVC. I am also grateful for the opportunity to join a club. Even during the pandemic, YVC still manages to keep clubs going. All of you who enjoy your clubs can show your appreciation for YVC for having your clubs available as part of student life.

If you are a current student at YVC with great love for the college or part of YVC alumni that have a lot to be grateful for with YVC, now is the time to show that the best you all can! Although on-campus celebrations may not be possible due to current restrictions, ASYVC encourages the student body to go to social media and post on what you love about YVC. You can post pictures online with any YVC gear that you have, you can leave reviews on YVC, and you can tag YVC on social media posts! #YakPride #CampusPride

Abraham Lopez
GSC President