The Day of the Dead El Dia de los Muertos, is a Mexican holiday celebrated by some all around the world. It is celebrated November 2 it is believed that on these days loved ones come and visit us, but it is also celebrated November 1. This day is el Dia de los Innocentes or the day of the children and All Saints and the second is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead El Dia de los Muertos. It is also a tradition by some that on October 28 one turns on a candle and places a white flower to receive the people who are alone that passed on.

On October 29 another candle is placed with water for the ones that are forgotten. On October 29 another candle is put with water and white bread but the ones that passed being hungry or died in a car accident. On October 31 another candle is placed with water, white bread, and fruit for our ancestors. Then on November 1, it’s the day of all the saints and the children, and all the food is placed on the altar. On November 2 is when our loved ones come and get the offerings that the loved ones placed for them. Then on the last day November 3, one last candle is lit and we say goodbye to our loved ones.

Many people in Mexico visit their loved ones who passed in the cemetery on this day to celebrate with them and remember them. This is typically done by taking the person who passed favorite food and drinks. They decorate where they are buried with candles, bright flowers, putting sugar skulls, their favorite foods, and drinks. They also do alters for their loved ones which are known as offrendas (offerings) for them. They decorate them the same as if they would the person’s grave. Many spend the night with them there and celebrate with them because this is the day when they come back for 24 hours to be with us.

The offerings can be any type of food a loved one liked. They can even have the favorite of the person. Some put sugar skulls which is a skull made out of sugar also put pan de muerto. In my family, we do our small alter with water flowers and candles. From what I been told is that if the water disappears is because our loved one drank it. I do know that in Mexico my family goes to the cemetery I never have had the opportunity to do this but I hope in the near future I can. There have also been many movies which explain this day some have been “A Book of Life” and “Coco”.

ASYVC Executive Board Member
Esmeralda Cruz