Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, today’s webinar and discussion have been cancelled. The webinar can be watched at a later date by visiting https://www.facinghistory.org/professional-development/ondemand/working-justice-equity-and-civic-agency-our-schools-conversation. YVC’s Diversity Series committee will take time this summer to focus on selecting a theme for the 2020-2021 academic year and developing content that is anti-racist. If you are interested in joining the Diversity Series committee please contact Vicente Lopez at vlopez@yvcc.edu.

YVC’s Diversity Series is hosting a webinar on Friday, June 12 at 1:00 pm titled, “Working for Justice, Equity and Civic Agency in Our Schools.” Issues of equity and education have long existed in our country and continue to manifest today. How can writing and the power of one’s voice help us respond to these disparities? Listen to writer and educator, Dr. Clint Smith, where we hear his poetry and reflections on working for justice, equity, and civic agency in our schools.

Following the webinar, YVC Counselors will engage participants in a guided discussion. In addition, local leaders are invited to participate in this important discussion including Mr. Steve Mitchell, Director of OIC. Mitchell is a prominent leader in Yakima’s African American community, and has history in Yakima, as an educator and social services administrator. He will share his unique perspective of growing up African American in the Yakima Valley. Mr. Eric Silvers will also participate in this event. Silvers is he is a prominent leader in Yakima’s business and African American community and an agent with State Farm Insurance and local Rotarian.

YVC President Dr. Linda Kaminski recently sent a letter to our campus community expressing solidarity with thousands of protestors and people across the country. She stated, “Beyond the need to acknowledge and honor our anger and our fears, we must recommit ourselves to helping to build a more just world.” This webinar and discussion present an important step as we continue to talk, listen and think about racial justice and systemic racism.

 Students or employees are welcome to reach out to the Counseling and Advising Office, the Associated Students of YVC, or the Office of the President to express concerns or to seek support. Additional resources are below.

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Additional Resources

  1. Book: Counting Descent
  2. Newsletter: Dr. Clint Smith
  3. Blog: Bearing Witness: The Death of George Floyd
  4. Teaching Idea: Reflecting on George Floyd’s Death and Police Violence Towards Black Americans

For more information about the YVC’s Diversity Series visit our page.