Study Skills

Success in college requires solid study skills and habits.  Below are resources with various tips and techniques to help you “learn how to learn.”

Also consider taking SD 120: Study Skills.

There are 3 things vital to your college success:


College classes cover so much material compared to high school.  You must attend daily or risk falling behind.  Successful students rarely miss class if at all.  We realize things come up: illness, car problems, childcare issues, etc., but missing classes weekly or for an extended period typically results in a failed grade.


Going to class should be the easy part.  However, if you are trying to “make the grade” then you need to be studying several hours a day.  Successful students study on average anywhere from 2-4 hours per day outside of class.  We understand that you may also be working, caring for your family, or dealing with other concerns, but it is a must that you schedule ample time for daily study.

Tutoring Services

  • Okay, you’ve been going to class
  • You study regularly – ​but you’re still not “making the grade,”
  • Then take advantage of free tutoring services.  There are several departments on campus here to help students succeed: