SD & CAS Courses

Student Development Courses

The Counseling & Advising Center faculty teach classes focused on study skills, career planning, and overall student success.  Read about each class below and contact one of our counselors for more information.

SD 105: Career Planning       2 Cr      Quarters: O

This course is designed to help students make an initial career/life plan based upon their skills, interests, and values as they pertain to the world of work, education, and leisure. The course gives students the essential tools useful in making similar decisions in the future.
Prerequisite: Reading and writing at the English 095 level are strongly advised

SD 120: Learning Skills       2 Cr        Quarters: O

Through leader presentations and group participation, students develop an understanding of barriers to efficient study and practice means by which to improve their academic performance. Covered are such issues as student management of learning, time management, how to take exams and class notes, improve listening and text reading, and set goals for achievement. Appropriate for all levels of ability.

CAS 106: College Seminar      3 Cr        Quarters: O

College Seminar is designed to improve the academic success of first-year students. Emphasis is on critical thinking, effective communications, self-assessment, and development of college success skills. Students will learn to assess their performance in key areas of college success while developing the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the college system. Topics of study include college culture and related vocabulary; seminar participation; career, academic, and financial goal setting; learning styles and non-cognitive skill development; problem-solving strategies; and accessing academic support resources.
Distribution for DTA: Communications