3.02 Facilities Use Policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees on February 3, 2011, Motion No.11-01-01 Supersedes Motion No. 91-09-02 and Motion No.01-04-013.02.01

In keeping with the college mission the Board of Trustees has determined that college facilities shall be made available and reserved for those activities which either are related directly to its educational mission or are justifiable on the basis of their contributions to the cultural, social, or economic development of the community and state. The policies and procedures set forth herein have been adopted to define and encourage such use.

3.02.01 Facility Availability

All college facilities including the Yakima Campus, Grandview Campus, and other facilities owned and/or leased by YVC may be made available for use by organizations conducting public educational, research, cultural, civic, recreational or community activities as limited by this policy provided that such activities do not interfere with the educational priorities of the college. Some facilities, such as computer labs and other specialized facilities, may not be available for public use.

3.02.02 Administrative Control

The Board of Trustees of Community College District #16 has delegated to the college President or designee the authority to establish administrative procedures for the appropriate review of the use of college facilities; to establish policies and regulations governing facilities use; and to establish rental schedules and operation cost levels where appropriate. The President or designee has been delegated the authority, by the Board of Trustees, to act upon specific applications for the use of college facilities, consistent with established policies, procedures, and regulations,by local community, state, and federal individuals and groups.

3.02.03 Requirements and Conditions of Facilities Use

Access and the Right to Use Facilities

The intent of the Yakima Valley College District #16 Facilities UsePolicyis to encourage and facilitate the use of District facilities for the purposes as defined in this document. However, no person has an inherent right to conduct an even to speak, lecture or perform on the college campus; or the right to demand that he/she be allowed to participate in an event on campus or at an extension site. All events, activities, parties, etc., must have the approval of the college President or his/her designee(s) before they will be permitted to occur on or at college property.

Facilities Use WAC

Title 132P  WAC


132-136 Facility Use for other than First Amendment Activities.