How to login into Student Email and Office 365

Your student email

All email addresses will use the format:

For example, if your name is John L Doe and your SID is 123456789, your email address will be:

Email Password

Is normally your YVC PIN (birthdate), with no leading zero.
Example: If you were born in months January thru September do not use a zero before the month. m/dd/yy, June 2, 1998 the PIN = 60298

Student email  and Office Portal login

Use the Office Portal to access all the Office 365 Apps including your email.  Login with your student email and you will be redirected to another page where you will login with your email address and Student PIN.

screen capture of the Office 365 Login page


Input your student email address and click the tab button, do not click sign in.

screen capture of the Office 365 Login page

You will be redirected to a second page that should read Yakima Valley Community College Federation Login.

Verify your email and PIN and click the sign-in button.

screen capture of the Office 365 Login page


Install Office 365

The first time you sign in it will show you a screen with options to install Microsoft Office products and a list of available online applications you can use, similar to the one shown below:

screen capture of the office 365 apps


Using Outlook

From this page, you can log in to your email by clicking on the Mail Icon:

Outlook icon


Remember OneDrive is in the Microsoft cloud. If you have important papers or files that you want to backup, you can drag-drop them into Documents, or use the upload feature.

OneDrive icon

Printable Directions

Printable instructions on How to Access Your Student Email.