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Yakima Campus
Grandview Campus

No room rental services are being offered until campuses reopen.

Campuses are closed to the public until further notice.

Requests for Room Usage

YVC allows outside entities to request use of college facilities on both the Yakima and Grandview campuses in accordance with policy 3.02 Facilities Use. Any use of campus facilities must be coordinated and approved by the designated Facilities Scheduler consistent with the terms and conditions of this policy.

Room use requests must be submitted for approval a minimum of 10 working days in advance of the event date. If you would like to request room usage, please fill out this form. For additional information on room requests contact Stefanie Menard (Yakima Campus) at 509.574.4646 or Julie Gabriel​ (Grandview Campus) at 509.882.7009.​

Virtual Campus Tour

Link to Form: We are not accepting reservations at this time. 

Yakima Campus

Hopf Union Building (HUB)
Parker Building

Grandview Campus

U199 Conference Room  in Building 51

Thank you for your interest in visiting our campuses. Please review the Washington Administrative Code WAC 132P-142 if you are interested in using Yakima Valley College (YVC) facilities for First Amendment Activities.

Please read the YVC guidelines and ​complete the First Amendment Activities Form below.  Submitting the form does not signify approval of your activity.​ We will contact you concerning your request.

First Amendment Activity Form: Campuses are closed to the public at this time.

YVC allows outside entities to request to have a table set up inside of the Hopf Student Union Building on the Yakima Campus or the Activity Center on the Grandview Campus for the purpose of communicating with students in areas that relate to our college mission.

If your program or organization would like to have a table in either of the locations, please fill out this form. For additional information contact the Student Life Office at 509.574.4775 in Yakima or Grandview Campus at 509.882.7009.

As an individual or group, you may:

    • Discuss topics or issues with those interested in your cause that relate to the college mission.
    • Set up displays or tables to facilitate your communication.
    • Share your beliefs or views with others.
    • Hand out leaflets or flyers to individuals who are interested in your information.
  •  As an individual or group, you may not:
    • Block pedestrian traffic flow, or interrupt college operations.
    • Present your cause in a manner that disrupts the educational process.
    • Engage in physical contact or intimidating behavior towards others.
    • Solicit donations for your cause.
    • Approach people to hand out flyers

Table Request Form: We are not accepting requests at this time.