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Thank you for your interest in reserving space at Yakima Valley Community College.

Feel free to check out the links provided on this page that refer to general information and venues. If you have specific questions about space on the Yakima Campus please email ​​scheduleevents@yvcc.edu​. For the Grandview Campus please email slopez@yvcc.edu.

If you are ready to request space please complete the Facilities Use Application below. All requests for space need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested event date. Please allow up to one week for a response to your request. Thank you!

Room Request Form

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I have read and understand all of the requirements in Yakima Valley Community College 3.02 Facilities Use Policy.

I  hereby make application to Yakima Valley Community College (YVCC) for use of College facilities and certify that the information contained herein is correct.  Application must be submitted to the Facilities Scheduler a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the requested date.  Notification of cancellation must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled event.  Incomplete or inaccurate information will result in delays in processing and/or denial of application. 

The Facilities Use Agreement is not complete until payment of fees have cleared.  Checks issued to the college for fees, and/or any debt that are returned unpaid for any reason will constitute non-payment.  A $25 fee is assessed on all returned checks.  Individuals will be allowed five (5) working days after notification to make cash redemption. Yakima Valley Community College will make reasonable attempts to collect past due charges as required by the State of Washington.  Failure to pay after reasonable attempts have been made may result in the account being sent to a collection agency and the individual/organization will be responsible for all reasonable collection costs.  A $25 fee is assessed on all accounts sent to collection.  Collection costs, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for the collection of any amount due, will be added to the Facility Use applicant’s account balance.

YVCC does not, in any way, certify or endorse the purpose for which the facility is used. YVCC is not responsible for any illegal actions by the Applicant or Applicant’s guests.  Each party shall be responsible and liable for the consequences of any act or failure to act on the part of itself, its employees, and its agents. None of the parties assume responsibility to the other parties for the consequences of any act or omission of any person, firm, or corporation not a part to this agreement.  The regulations and procedures of Yakima Valley Community College Facilities Use Policy are hereby embodied by reference and may be reviewed online or in the Office of the Facilities Scheduler.